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Nature, Gardens, Human Participation: Devan Triumph

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Devan Triumph
Devan Triumph = devic + human participation for the upliftment and wellbeing of planetary elements: creatures and nature on earth, in balance for the good of all.

To my destiny-maker, God, and my guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, for showing me the way to the garden, in all its momentum, both astrally and physically, such that, with practice, it both enervates my life, and makes the world a better place…

From The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda, As Remembered by His Disciple, Swami Kriyananda: Today, mankind has all but forgotten, those higher, or at any rate, subtler, entities, which otherwise would help man in the production of food, of good weather, of energies for success, and of countless benefits from which more aware people, living in tune with Nature, seek help as a matter of course.

“What is it that makes the garden a wonderful place to be in? Is it beauty, aliveness… Aliveness: building character, fluidity, wherewithal to permeate my, and your, understanding such that all is in a state of… aliveness, such that I can dwell there, and you can dwell there, and we can say that… we like the state of aliveness. We, too, would wish to feel this way.”

Devan Triumph
The meaning of ‘Devan Triumph’ knows no mighty necessary interment. It is a way of seeing life as a transparency of wishes, to ‘what might be’s’, to ‘what is’ in terms of how the world works.
It’s the sheath that we all live within, and work to provide some constancy with, and forge a bond with, and make a peaceful existence with. Some do. All will do because if/when the devic realm and the human personalities personify the way that things ‘will’ themselves to be, in existence with one another, it will be like home.
For some, they do right by the eternal existence of inclining force, and for others, the devic realm’s attempts do go unnoticed. For when the deva is expressing itself and yet there is little or no recollection that they exist, it’s this empire that falls to the wayside, this way and that way, indeterminate existence, mayhem in the garden.
If the planter, the human personality, were to acknowledge that the force of nature was in existence, the devic realm would rush, through no interpretation of themselves as the modificator, only that their energy would be summoned, and so it was that they have no choice in the matter except to yield to perception.
Perception is what grounds the devic realm in nature. If there is no perception that devas exist, there is not the wherewithal to enhance a relationship with nature such that it is inclinable or no.
And if the gardener, the human personality, is ‘with it’ meaning they work in the understanding that knowledge of gardening comes with heart  -  for it’s the heart that notes the possible tangential ‘feel’ for the garden – then the existence of inclining forces in the garden are relevant, but only in terms of how the human personality relates to and fashions a garden plot.
If the garden plot houses the effects of one (gardener) who is ‘with it’ in terms of:
-making sure that the devic realm is invited to participate, by acknowledging a presence that is invincible, uncharacteristically joyful, and only inhibited by imbalance, inopportunity, and raw disgust of proper land management.
-making absolute the devas’ wishes are the priority so that when it is time to sow, time for rest, time to plant, time to lie fallow – these wishes are taken up with the express intention by the gardener of allowing the garden to become strong in itself, to muster its reserves, and to allow its own natural wisdom to impart itself.
-making absolute to leave the garden at appropriate times to provide the garden with a rest period for the inclining forces to take effect.
-providing for complex relationships such that devas, and human personalities interact ‘across the miles’. This means that there are special forces at work such that gardens blanket the earth and that when there is a garden spot that could enhance another, be it next door or across the face of the earth, it is taken up and relished.
The End

Mission: One who takes on the characteristic stance that all is well, is guided by that which is a harmonizing force in all circumstances, and enlivens the world by their presence to make the world a better place, both astrally and physically - that is the way forth for the world.

Awe befriends nature, begets wholeness for all. Be in awe…

Fortuitous Planting
Claris introduces herself with a clearing of the throat and a clear question:
“How is it to take up the planting?” A well of understanding comes to the forefront and I know that I am going to plant… sometime.
When I connect with all there is, there is an understanding that goes beyond ‘knowing’. There is a clear path that only I, as the asker, can decipher… perhaps…

The world view according to Claris:
“May I say it’s like this and like that,” sported Blue 1, Claris’ pig.
“All be it fruitful,” turned Avenaugh to Blue 2, quail of the wild to Claris’ pig 2.
“Whenever it does itself… kind. Would that be right, Claris?” elevated Milten.
“Oh boy,” sports Fornay. We’re in for another one of Claris’ viewpoints – to the good of… now, Recinda, where did you put my nail clipper, you Abyssinian, you!”
“Fornay, I ruffed it up for you, you human, you… never can imagine what Claris sees in you…” And with grin between them, Fornay lifts Recinda onto his shoulder and they both saunter out to the garden. With a whoop and holler both: “Claris, where is our grub?”
“I’ll be right there. Getting the go-ahead to pick some berries for our dinner, and some pretty little leaves of catnip for you, Recinda….”

Claris is teaching a class called ‘All be it fruitful':
“Impeccable, indestructible, and well-placed,” said Claris.
"Well, how about if something were not so personified," asked the gentleman in the first row.
"I can see your point," Claris reflected. "However, once the battle between the known and the unknown is fought, and won..." She stroked her chin in a syncopated manner... "Here we go, folks. There are words that will tell of the cyclical nature of the work we have to do. It's thus and so until it is not. It's a meandering until it's not. It's a work made manifest if one chooses to do things in the way that all is satisfied, at least for the moment... well… it is at least for the moment... Let's see if we can make this simpler. Lori, you start. If you had it to do, what course of action would you take: would you elect to play the game, or would you balk?"
"Claris, if there is one thing that you would have said to take up, it's to strike up a resonance with that which is right in front, even if it speaks a language that is unfamiliar, untoward of what I think, of what I want, of the life I could lead. The training you are providing is suiting me well. There are other aspects of my life that I am taking up more readily."
“Even so, Claris” said the first gent,” I'd still like a life that is more in touch with the plants. What do I do on the balcony, for example?”
“Balconies are wonderful to take up with the devic realm. Let me know how it goes!”
The End

“Operatic is not static, operatic seems like…”
“Baltic, Claris?”
“Thank you, Majesty. The bird always wins the rhyming contest. Right, Majesty?”
“Claris, when you have a mind like mine…”
“Oh, give me a minute… mind like mine…”
“Claris, it’s simple. Simply put, it’s a gold mine.”
The End

Referendum: Vegetation and Fruition
“Foyer?” Claris asked the Devic Realm.
“If you would care to note, it is forum.”
“Forum? Where is forum?”
“Forum is the spot. The one that will take the referendum.”
“Well, I’ll be,” said Claris. “How is it to note that, when there is a forum, there will be a referendum, such that balance is restored. I fought with the spot; I couldn’t see putting the plant there. It’s not that I couldn’t be awakened to what is natural, simple, and amazing. A new tone is struck. When I look at how things ‘ought to be’, I shuffle. When I take a look at how things ‘call to be placed’, I find it right away. And it works – to provide life, living, a way of livening up.”
“Claris! Are you hungry?” says Fornay, her husband. And she takes a moment and says, “Fornay, I’ll be right there.”
“Devic Realm, thank you. I see the fruits.”
The End

“Mom, listen to this: Now that I am happy, I could tell of many things. I, fortuitously planting, will tell of them, in spring.” Mandolin spurts ahead of Claris in the garden.
“Cat, cat, like it like that.” Claris spurts ahead of Mandolin. “And, when you say that, it makes me think you are a garden’s best friend… That’s really clever, Mandolin. Thank you for rhyming; let’s go dining.”
“Mom, nice try.”
“I know… you are still king of the rhyme.”
“Rhythm, Clarisdeva. Like a drumbeat that fortuits the garden, such that you and Mandolin take it to its destiny.”
“Well, I’ll be…” And as Claris rubs Mandolin’s chin, and looks out amongst the broad leaves and bramble… Still, there is something there that is not what it seems, or how it seams together. For example, the way that the energy of the place is so still, and yet full, and yet bigger than each part in a way that the garden moves, and winds, and wends. It’s as though there is a force – both undaunted and yet easily swerved by human intervention. Here, in Claris’ garden, the swerving is kept to a minimum, Claris vows, because of the conscious effort that she has made to take the turns and twists with the garden’s energy, the messages that she seems to sense, that she then puts into action, such that she and the garden do a dance to the same drumbeat. And that’s how things rest. And rest is good for the garden, and for the soul.
The End

“All be it fruitful,” the boy spouted out.
“Well, I’ll be. Looks like I will be planting… oh, maybe not today… oh, well not in this sp… hum hum hmm… back and forth, the energy goes, and I as part of the plan… with my hands and my feet, I go forth, in patience, in peace, and in understanding that the fruits of my labors are well in the hands of the devic realm. When I take up my opportunity to work cooperatively, the outcome not only satisfies my destiny, but also the destiny of others. Let’s see when, how, and what to do. If I act on my own accord, it falters. If I act with all in mind, it grows in verve. And that is what it is to plant – both seeds and optimism – the 2 of these are what makes the world go around.”
“Synchronicity,” applied the scholar.
“Dear, dear, I may have to cut back on my shopping list. My plants are taking off!”
“When I had the chance to act, I faltered. I couldn’t see the path before me. Now that I see the next step ahead, I can not only act, but act in a way where I don’t have to see anything but the next step. Oh I may get a visual of the afar, but I won’t know if I will get to that point, or, by my actions, get to another. Seems, though, that if I am getting a message about the future, without thinking about it myself, that things would be in order, and so I will continue.”

Matrix Planting
“Braaaadieeee,” called his mother. “Claris, have you seen my son? You know the one – always toying with the angels or the devas… He seems alright, but he takes his take on things, and then never falters…. Anyway, have you seen”
“Mom, I’m here! See how the plants are? They don’t seem to make sense, and yet they are just where they should be. And you know what, I thought I got a glimpse that they were relating to Australian plants! Mom, planting with the devic realm is fun. They seem to know they are making fun of me when they ask me to plant someplace and I balk. However, when I take up their sugge…. Oh. They said it’s not a suggestion. It’s an inclination to plant so that all is in order for the earth’s balance and for people’s health…. And now they are showing me a picture of the universe. Mom, do you…. They said to ask you what I was going to ask you, and then there were 2 more plants to plant today. So, Mom, do you think I can tell you that I am planting so that the universe is in balance, too?”
“Yes, son, that would be a wonderful way to live – so that all would be in order.”
“Mom… okay, I’ll… Mom, they said to take a rest break, if I’d care to, and to take up rest whenever I would care to, and that the garden could wait for things like time with mother. Mom, let’s take a walk in the field, okay?
The End

“Yes, Claris. Briand.”
“Briand, what do you have to do with the garden? It feels as though you have just arrived.”
“Claris, I am part angel, and part elemental. I seek balance, as you do, and find it here in the garden as well as helping you.”
“Briand, what is an elemental?.... Oh, I think I have read about your kind. You oversee the landscape, right?”
“You could say that. I also see how things rest for you in the landscape and make suggestions for your uptake of nutrients, of water features… Seeing that you are human, you would need to rest, and that is assured to be managed by your angels and by your oncoming conscious waking up. Claris, if you were to arrange a rest break every so often, such as now, you would find that, among other things, one of the best massages could be had by uptaking nutrients from the ether. Would you like to try it?”
“Briand, I would. Shall I take up rest; is that the idea?”
“You could try it. Here, let me see your aura… hmmm, I think you could use a tuneup… There you go. How does that feel?”
“Like I can rest and breathe. What happened?”
“When you take time to rest, the ether can respond to your interest in rest and healing. Just like the plants in the matrices of the garden which, when placed as you have in such a way as to mitigate interference with the surrounding culture, you can take in what the ether has to offer in the way of healing. It’s simple. Like you say, ‘rest and recharge’.”
The End

Creation’s Hush:
Flower tinctures for balance, joy, resilience, contiguous existence.
How is it that something can be so delicate, like ‘balance’, and yet when you have it symptomatically, can be so ‘forthcoming’, so ‘energizing to the spirit’, and so ‘unanimously contagious’? Flower tinctures, found in nature, are all of the above. They put us to our sense of things, and we have only to abandon our current ‘state of awareness’, our current ‘trend of thinking’, our current ‘monologue’, and set our sights on ‘state of supreme obligation to happiness, comfort of those around us, and glorious duty to God’. It’s a way forward for life abundant.
The End

“Mom, do you think that when I am older, I can have my own garden space, just for the devas and myself? I think that, when the devas say something about planting, it means that all creatures everywhere, and the earth, too, will thrive. Do you think that’s what they are trying to do, too, Mom?”
“Well, son, I have read about the devic realm. In a way they are spirit manifested to help the planet and its inhabitants. I just never thought I would have a son who could relate to them. I think it’s a wonderful start to life, to see that things are either in balance or not. Maybe if everyone thought they could help with the balance, just by following the spirit of the situation… Son, did you ask for your own garden space? Where would it be? Is it over there?”
“Mom, that’s it! Thank you, great devic realm for helping my mom to see, too!”
The End

Dancing with Devas
Rays of Life among all leaf matter, dapple down the way.
How is it that I can move through life, and yet not see it shift, not see how it settles out, not be in line with how things go?
“Well,“ thought Claris, thinking to herself that she may as well take up an offering to the mandates that govern how the existences take shape.
“I think,“ she pondered…
“I know,” thoughts beleaguered…
“Who is it that…,” she followed up.
“Well?” she questioned.
“It’s Claris and I’m not deva.”
“If I am Clarisdeva, who are you?”
“You are…”
“Deva, of the plant, to the right of Clarisdeva.”
“Deva, of the plant, to the right of myself, is a poinsettia. Is that how you refer to it?”
“Deva of the poinsettia plant, of the realm devic.”
“Now, if I didn’t know any better, I would say that this is what I have been meaning to discover. If I were to say that I have spoken to the devic realm, how would that hold water?”
“Devas don’t hold anything. We, our capacity is, to hold the shape of something by merely setting roots, roots that don’t have a footprint. Roots that are boundless, sense-less, holding nothing and holding everything about an organic, living matter. If you talk to a plant, you are talking to the essence which makes it plant-like. Nothing in the devic realm is manmade. Everything in the devic realm is ‘of new’, ‘of reclaiming balance’, ‘of maintaining resilience’, but not in the face of destructive forces. Clarisdeva, you are of the devic realm in that you see how things come and go and appease the devic realm with your tactics.”
“Devic realm, what are my ‘tactics’?”
“Claris, how about dinner?” says Fornay.
Under her breath, “I’ll be back with you later, devic realm. Bye now.”
“Claris, are you going to have dinner tonight? I’m starved. How about some fresh arugula from the garden? I’ll be back by in a moment. Pick some, alright? I have an idea for dinner. Surprise you.”
“Devic realm,” whispers Claris, “alright to pick arugula?”
“Clarisdeva, alright but not, momentarily. Wait….”
“Claris, are you on board with arugula?” Fornay exaspers.
“Momentarily, Fornay. I’m listening for the go-ahead.”
Fornay listens. “How about now?”
Under her breath, “Devic realm, alright to pick arugula?”
“Clarisdeva, alright to pick arugula.”
“Fornay, alright to pick arugula!”
The End

Weighs and Miens
“On point,” said the ballerina.
“Outta sight,” said the astronaut.
“Outta this world,” said the athlete.
“Proven to be the case, simply because it is, at the moment,” said the one in line with nature.
“All be it fruitful,” chants Bradie, in momentum with his planting.
“Auric flow, simply placed, Clarisdeva.”
“To and fro, the devas go, all be it fruitful, they would know, that once the miens and weighs – weigh in!”
“Why Recinda, I think you have got it there,” bewilders Claris, “and I don’t mind if I do say so myself – when the devas go, to and fro, they seems to have a pattern, but then it goes… hmmm, Recin… Oh, Majesty, what is a bird like you swarming around my head for?!”
“Claris, you deserve the best. That’s why I am here. I mien and I weigh, and that’s okay, for when I occur, the devas stir, they seem to swarm, and then they are”
“Garn. I mien and I weigh, the old visitors say – I am ancient, I am rulebound, but with these noses, we pick up on the roses, and wouldn’t miss a beat, let’s take them to their”
“Feet, I mien and I weigh, the old-ancients say, for when I”
“Claris”, speaks out Fornay, “How about dinner?”
“Fornay, okay, we’d like to say, that when you speak aloud, the whole of us crowd, we’d like to show, that when there is a go”
“Okay, Claris, I see this is not a good time for you, or for your forever friends… But I’d like to say, that we can take a play, in the kitchen bound, would you say it’s sound?”
“Two for pancakes, is that what it takes, to make one round, in the garden I am bound. Okay with you?” To which Claris scoots off for one more round in the garden.
“Whew. I do love that gal. She just makes things silly just so we can take up our”
“Fornay, arugula, okay?’
“Yes, gal. Arugula, somehow!”
The End

The Golden Rule:
All be it fruitful when…
The day is full of the best life has to give…
The best life has to give is friendship, camaraderie with the Kingdom, and a ‘better day, better way’ type of aspect such that I am who I am, and you are who you are, and we, together, make up what life has to offer. In this way, I am fruitful, you are fruitful, and the earth is about joyful uptake in all manner of life.

“Two brown trays, one pot of carrots, one pot of cilantro, one inkling to plant.”

When Claris noted that the flowers made her feel better, she wondered about the likelihood of the healing properties of plants. She asked Erland who was at the watering hole whether he thought this was the case, and Erland referred to all creation as healing or no. It depends on what you take in. Claris thought for a moment and strode to the left bank of the woods, and then to the right. What she committed to was finding the appropriate avenue for herself, via plants.
In terms of practicality, we could say that there are a plethora of available sources of plant material, such that it is ‘yours for the taking’. However, when one is open to it, the plant material can be taken up in succession of what is inclining for the individual, and not what is supposed.
If you were to pull something close by and see the reaction of the body to it, you would be superimposing your body over and above the method that is normally thought of to choose – that of using the brain instead of the natural ability of the body to pick up on what is necessary to restore it to health.
The End

Like a whisper,
Like out of nowhere,
The devic realm emits
Their caring ways –
Brush it off, hear what you want to hear,
The devic realm becomes invisible…
‘Cept that, all around, there is not an imbalance, but a curve ball, a blindness to what is appropriate, for the moment, that precedes others but, at the same time, is very real for the current time, and into the future.
The End

When devic propensity flows from a human’s hand, it, the devic form, reveals a direction, a movement, a forward push or yield that will dominate, will hold attention – for those who see, for ones who leave behind their own notions, for ones who rely on forces unseen, the real reliable sources – devic, angelic, God.
For in the space that you would fill to your own… liking… notion… viewpoint… control of things……
“My my,” Claris reflects, “this is coming along… Devic realm, how do you see things as coming with the writing for you?”… Claris continues… “Must be…”
“Clarisdeva, please continue. The devic realm sees how light is created by your tips and promotions. Devic realm reports that many will apply the easeful way you interpret for us. If we had a thought in mind it would…” and the consciousness, or energy surrounding Claris, changed to one of… softness… appeal to notice… one of architecture, like a feeling of building, restoring, channeled to… destiny is what comes to mind.
It’s gone now but strikes up a chord with returning… wax and wane… fruit and yet needing rectification… ‘retaliatory’ and yet another, and less egocentric description is one of soldiering to rectify, or piecing together or peaceing togetherness, uptake of stalwart, loving, joyful, filled with knowing, caring for in a way that begets a rectifying, exacerbating a lead where the outcome is the pleasure of their company as a force to promulgate their lead for… peace… balance… willful destruction of,,,… remorse, aloneness, desolation… burn and run with unheeding…
“Clarisdeva, lest we digress into human aches and pains, and yet when we find we are locked out, it is the human consciousness that goes to the places you listed. It’s not that we feel these items, for indeed we are vacant from the premises.
Clarisdeva, we who are one with you and with all, and would only be here or not here, and yet here by your interest and importance for you to know truth in the garden which is all around you and on the planet and everywhere that you attempt to call home…
Devic realm reports that when you listen for omnipresence, whether it be to know what to plant where, or how to treat a particular area of this garden, or whether you would care to watch as the angels play in their circles in the garden – their nift – well… that’s enough for now…”
“Claris, any chance for the dinner committee of me and Virginia to have your attention? Virginia says it’s time for her peck, but only when you see to it that Blue 1 and 2 have theirs.”
“Fornay, what would Blue 1 and 2 have for peck?... Oh yes, we got those new licks for them… well (to herself, “Alright?”) Yes, Fornay. I’m on track with that notion for them.”
“Claris, I had another thought when I was out in the pasture. It’s about the hay. Shall we discuss it?”
Claris ponders for a moment. “Fornay, it’s timely for me, too.”
The End

“Where is it that the devic realm is out in nature, where no humans dwell?”
“Clarisdeva, it is nature itself that is in balance. Do you understand that we dwell where balance is?”

Claris looks on, ‘at them’, ‘at the work’, somehow fostering a connection to the physical location, the astral plane of existence, which also takes into account the areas beyond which we are currently ‘seeing’.
“Seeking balance universally is how we manage the work…”
Claris’ attention trails off… a knowingness overcoming her, she sees that there is much to be done, and though it takes one rotation of seasons on the physical plane, astrally/energetically it fosters a balance that goes beyond the physical; indeed is the basis of balance in the physical.
“Clarisdeva, the planting is nigh.”
Claris summoned a picture about the garden area and thought it to the devic realm.
“Thank you, Clarisdeva.”
It was often like this – the thought would preclude anything else to do.
“Clarisdeva, plant now.”
Since Claris knew this was either physical or etheric, started with, “Thank you, devic realm.”
“Thank you, Clarisdeva…. Claris Deva, please see that you have lined the property.”
“Clarisdeva, time to plant.”
Thank you, devic realm.”
As Claris looks on, she sees there is nothing else to take up, yet she has taken up much in the way of fostering growth in areas yet to be physically planted… strewn-about ideational relationships which, to the devic realm, fosters a knowingness about… when, what, where to plant…
“Clarisdeva, when to plant is now.”
“Thank you, devic realm…”
“Clarisdeva, the wind tunnel.”
“Clarisdeva, you must start now…” the ‘energy’ trails off.
“A wind tunnel,” Claris surmises, “is a type of energetic movement.
“Yes,” and the energy trails off, slows to back up, then goes forward.
Claris continues her day and almost forgets about this conversation.
“Fornay, it’s me! I’m home. And I have dinner plans for us… Fornay?”
“I’m here, gal. Say, any word from Samosa? He’s bringing the soil for the new garden area. Recall it?”
Claris glances out at the area for the soil. “Ready?” she says under her breath.
The wind… her friends, the devic realm sport “Ready, if after 2 pm would be best…”
“Somewhere”, Claris whispers under her breath.
“Everywhere there,” seems to be in her mind’s eye and crops up in her thoughts. Assuming devic realm.
“Mom”, Mandolin, her cat, sputters, “anytime is alright now.” Coming from Mandolin, it is so.
“Fornay, seems alright to call him, would you say?”
“Umm, yes, seems so. I will.”
Claris reflects on the ‘wind tunnel’:
“Clarisdeva, the garden will show itself to be one. Go further now.
Claris envisions ‘down the line’ which seems okay, then expands her thoughts to include more.
“Clarisdeva, that will do for now.”
To which Claris keeps her mind open to the prospect of completion…no, balance for… the… process, is what she feels a resonance with.
“Clarisdeva, trust, kinning with us, calm gaze, referring all to the process, nothing to yourself – you have it all.”
“Oopsie,” as her thoughts went to the wind tunnel and as she tries to control her appetite for more than may be right to present, thinks about making more of it possible in either the physical or energetic…
“Thank you, Clarisdeva. Perpetual truth at the moment is key.”
The End

“Clarisdeva, if you plant, please do so in the vein of knowing which plant to plant where. If you do so, the devic realm will be glad to foster communion with the outside world, the world that is outside your current planting sphere. If your intuition tells you to plant arugula, please see that you do so in the pattern and timeline of devic involvement. This will make sure that the plants go forth in a manner of speaking, to promulgate not only your garden, but that of the other gardens in its sphere. Peace be with the garden, and with you… When you have the notion to plant, however, if the planting is not in line with devic promulgation, but with dissolution, the outcome will be death for the plantings. Not that this is unfortunate. Indeed, it is what is inclined. Recall it: death means life for other plants, and it may mean strength for the gardens on earth. Just an iota of planting with the devic realm means life for the earth and its inhabitants. That being said, it is up to you to discern the way forth. When you plant, you do so with your intuitive flow, and with God. Now you know how things rest. If the gardens are at rest on earth, balance is restored for all. Currently, is there balance for all?”

“So, what we try to do, in working with the devic realm, is placate the swarm of energetic movement such that all is in peace. However this happens, is not known until it is. And so, we follow along, at a pace, at an angular motion such that all is at peace, at rest. The moment it stirs again, there is once again the opportunity to find the balance point, either etherically or physically. And that’s what I know for now,” contemplates Claris.
The End

“Clarisdeva, when devic activity is full of firmament, the call is to remain active. When it is desireth to apply itself to a space, that which is known physically, or by human… hand… visage… opportunistically – by the will of the human who has it in mind to healthful living within the realm devic, then, by the will of the human and the propensity of the devic realm to exacerbate the lead in the garden to balance… HUMAN + DEVIC = DEVAN TRIUMPH, for in that period of time, for which is now known to be specific to the relationship of ‘seeing-eye-dog’ plus ‘leadership of one who knows the balance’ without having to… create it… subjugate it to something ‘apparently blocking view’… or ‘apparently not ours’, then we can have balance on earth, such that it goes out in all directions – who knows how far – just that it will go out, and one must have the wherewithal to follow the course of action to… live appropriate to the miens and weighs – the balance, the expression that will be to pull things back to balance, the obligation that we have toward the one that will promulgate the entirety, the devoted presence that we all must give to God.”
The End

“Clarisdeva,” and the energy took to turning, meandering, somehow fragmenting and yet sprinkling itself around… Claris reveled in these times because it meant that all was seemingly in balance and as yet not spoken about… almost to be reveled in like the work had been ceremoniously put forth and this, too, was fruit of its labor…
The End

“Now that I am happy, I will tell of many things, I, fortuitously planting, will tell of them in spring.”

“Tarry not to God’s joy!”

“Claris,” the student pondered, “is this an application to be used for global warming?”
“Yes,” Claris pondered with her class, “it would seem to be, wouldn’t it?” And yet, when Claris looked out into the day, she felt an instantaneous blessing that, what had been created already through her classes and the devic realm’s participation, so willingly, so forthrightly, and so lovingly, endearingly, in fact, that it had already made an impression on so many, that this loving energy would see things through… There was a way…
“Class, I’ve been ruminating on something for quite a while, and your interest and participation have seemed to fuel an idea for all of us. When I vision it out to the devic realm, there is a warming of my heart, subtle yet oncoming, and so I must follow it…” She goes over to her bookshelves, laden with photos of landscapes, and draws out a more current book, which she is drawn to taking, rather than one that has pictures of old…
The End

Exercise 1
Have your picture or map of earth in front of you, and pray: Divine Mother, Thou art Omnipresent. Thou art in all Thy children. Manifest Thy healing presence in all.

Exercise 2
Take up a photo of a current landscape somewhere in the world, where things seem to be in balance. Point, perceptively, to the location of this landscape on your picture/map. Invite the devic realm to participate here… There may already seem to be participation, or not…
Keep your file of photos and maps in a handy place. When you go past during the day, smile and pray that ‘All is well’.

“Claris, what about food production for the planet? Does working with the devic realm… Claris are you still with me?” the student, puzzled, asked.
“Sorry about that but I have to laugh at the devic realm’s antics. When you are close to them, you never know what you will find. In this case, it seemed they couldn’t wait to respond and have some jokes as well… Let’s see if I can put my words… Yes, question?”
“Claris, was it something about the spices in life? I thought I heard that.” And they had a good chuckle.
“Claris, I felt a resonance with nourishment… nourishing…….. firmament….”
“Sounds as though we are being entreated to rest in the devic realm’s culture. I find that when the devic realm is at rest, they offer something of a healing balm, as well. Not to say that it can last long, for, as they see we are open to it, there is much to be done on earth. You know, the earth is just one of many in the universe. Why not send our love and blessings out farther than the earth. This well may be the way forth, for, when we reach out to the universal picture, then the devic realm, the angelic realm, God, can put their energy out such that, when they say it out loud, it’s none other than a reactionary force to our lessening the bonds, and more of a far-reaching game plan, such that all can take up… Are there other impressions?”
“This may be off the wall, but after your lecture and exercises, would there be an opportunity to connect with the devic realm high up, when in an airplane?”
“What do you think about that?... Now that you are in charge of the connection with devic propensity, would you think it might be appropriate to make your own relationship? Make your own way with things? I do think that is the case, myself… I did want to go back to the question of food production, and what comes to mind is how much to ask of the devic realm in that, we don’t want to overshadow what the balance is supposed to be. I do have a vegetable garden, and some fruit trees… It would be interesting to come at this in more of a farmer’s tilt. I have yet to meet farmers who are on board with this type of farming… Well, much to say, and I can say that, for me and my family, we have a lot going for us in terms of space… except that, not all the space on the property has even been touched, or chosen to be touched, if you can think of it that way. And then there is opportunity to go shopping… Let’s think on it and take it up in our next class. I will leave time for discussion, so take it up with your devic counterparts and see you then. I have some refreshing arugula, cilantro, and kale salad, picked fresh with Wyndham’s gaze across the landscape, my horse.”
The End

Exercise 3
Affirm: Better every day.

“Fornay, what is it?”
“Well, I think I have found something out about your forever friends. When I have my compass, it feels as though I am inundated with energy. I didn’t pick up on it until you started teaching your classes. Here, you try it.” Fornay hands his compass to Claris.
“Well, I’ll be. Devic realm”
“Clarisdeva, it’s not that we care to respond to the compass itself. However, we feel that there might be many applications for putting the devic realm to work in areas of need. Do you see how we flavor an area with energy? It may not work to flavor an area just with energy… Let’s… Clarisdeva, there is an area of the property in need of energy. The sink hole. Do you recall it?”
“Fornay, let’s have the adventure of the sink hole!”
“Claris, I’m with you. Did they say it was with the compass, then?... It is! And I’ve an idea of where we’ll go.”
“Clarisdeva, let Fornay run the show.”
And off they went.

“Happy, happy day. Happy, happy day! Claris, do you see the plants? Some are happy and others have given their lives for the fortuition, right Claris? Oh well, I know it’s all in the picture, though. Unexpected though it is, I see the fruits, and everything appears to be in line.”

“Clarisdeva, olive oil is the spice of life. How is it for you, Clarisdeva?”
“I know this joke, devic realm. You could call it!”
And together they spoke: “A drop a day is like away station. Take it away, olive oil!”
“Clarisdeva, and why is that?”
“Devic Realm, it is far and away one of the best alarm arrestors – bloody noses, sepsis, takes on things raw. You can use it like a gel pack on hurt fingers, bloody noses, raw spots on the skin. Dietarily, it is a rest break for the digestion, giving the exit path a rest.”

“Hi devic realm,” shouts 8 year old neighbor, Bradie. “Claris, when I shout that way to the devic realm, they always give me a High 5!”
“Bradie, when you shout to the devic realm, your appeal goes out to the universe!”
They both chuckle at the game they have together.
“Clarisdeva, Bradie will plant his space…”
“Claris I already know of it,” and Bradie walks off.
A few moments later, Bradie returns with a large stick. “Claris, is this…,” at which he about faces and goes back through the fence to his backyard.
Chanting,“Ooooo, I have a large stick and it goes like this…. Ooooo, I have a large stick and it goes like this… Claris… Claris… you must come see.”
As Claris pops her head over the fence, not two, but 4 lines by the stick have appeared.
“Mom… mom…”
“Bradie, what is it? Have your drawing made, then?”
“Yes. Claris is this…? Never mind, I got it.”
“Mom, alright with you to put the garden patch here?”
“Bradie, if you say so!”
The End

“Fornay, the garden is taking shape, wouldn’t you say?” Claris clasped her hands in wonder. The new soil lay thus and so…
“Claris, though it doesn’t look like much, I would say it feels… it feels like it is done for today… not sure how that is possible… Claris I need to say it. Somehow it is not to be crossed, if you know what I mean.”
“Fornay, let’s give it a rest. I, too, feel as though the gates are closed, at least for now, maybe…”
“Clarisdeva, tomorrow at 3 pm.”
“Fornay, let’s depart. Shall we play some fetch with Samantha?”
The End

Anjali’s Grist
Recinda explains that when you are an angel, pheasants roost in the funniest places, because there is nothing to contain their laughter at their antics.
If there were nothing else to do, you would find that you could travel with angels just by watching the patterns of energy around your house. It’s called ‘nifting’. And if you were to watch them in action in the grass in your backyard, you would see patterns emerge, swirls, zigs and zags, this way and then that way. When they are nifting, animals seem to stare into space, and, if you listen closely, you will find a joy unbounded. If you pay attention to nifting.
Nifters, or those who nift, come in all shapes and sizes: tailwaggers, tailswishers, no-tailswishers, and the like. There are angels who nift with their animal friends. There are animal friends who, when it is time for a nift, may be at rest, at play, and at work. Because… if you are privy to what goes on behind the scenes, in the motion that eludes most and yet, the fabric that bonds the universe – nifting is the most joyful way that we can connect with our angelic friends. By the way, if you were to sniff out a nifter, for example, ask your angel to nift with you, you would find a most agreeable companion. And by the way, you would find that not only one companion but several hun/thou, hmmm…, well, if you ask your angel how many are in your realm, they may say they don’t really know. For, if you look at your realm, you will see that your realm overlaps with many other realms and that it is impossible to feel yourself by yourself – when you nift.

“Clarisdeva, wind tunnels will help with the earth’s atmosphere…”
“Devic realm, thank you.” At this, Claris always tries to bow out of further conversation, unless it is taken up by the devic realm. It is as though given at a moment, withdrawn, spun or shuffed about, and more often than not, nothing more occurs until it does. Again Claris errs on the side of caution, and in this way the devic and human realms connect, in reality, in real time, at the appropriate time and space…
The End

“Spot, Clarisdeva. You may take up the planting in the spot of where the energy says to plant.”
“Oh,” thought Claris, and out to the devic realm went her thought as well.
“Clarisdeva, you are to plant. Take up your tool and plant, the one that is stored on the property.”
As Claris dove into yet another reverie about whether this was ‘actual’ or ‘theoretical’, she once again found that, at her mind’s eye, she would plant the one that had been ‘harboring over’ at the back end of the property, one of the areas that seemed to take shape as a nursery.
It still seemed okay when she retrieved the plant, only to find that, as she reached ‘the spot’, it had moved to another location, where it was planted with no further action necessary.
“Well, that does seem…”
“Clarisdeva, rest for the garden.” And so Claris bowed out of any further rhetoric, and simply left the garden for some other venture.
The End

“My, my,” thought Claris. “What comes to my mind’s eye is to take my walk to the edge of the… not property as I had imagined, but the devic realm’s port of authority… well I suppose…”
“Clarisdeva, that is true for the devic realm, is to have a port of authority. Please scan the port of authority, under your surveillance.”
When Claris scanned the outer bounds of the property, which she and Fornay had thought to plant, as if ‘the rustle of the leaves’ told her that the boundaries would include a wee portion of Wyndham’s pasture. “Well…”
“Mom,” coughed Wyndham over a mouthful of hay, “s’alright with me!”
The End
Twyla's Song
"When I have music," chanted the child, "when I have melody..."
"Twyla," her mother shouted from the porch.
"Mom, I'm here... in the garden... amidst the roots and the bramble. Just the way that God wants it, okay Mom? And Mom, over here," as she moves to another side of the garden, "this is where they live, alright Mom? The devic realm, I mean. See? They like roots and bramble, all for their very own... Now, when I move over here, what happens is I get the feeling that I can rest a moment... and then, when I am most overwhelmed by a peace that alights on the garden, it's a cause for leaving the area so that the devic realm can adjust to the new status: All is Well! How about that, Mom."
"Twyla, what else do you have to say about our friends, the devic realm?"
"Mom, it's God's earth, and the devic propensity for this planet is to bestow a peaceful presence for all to know about. It's about - Mom, clap your hands with the beat of the earth. Go for it, Mom... God's earth, nothin' like it. God's earth, so be it. God's earth, so give it to Him... Mom, that's it for now. What did you want to say to me?"
"Twyla, I wanted to know if you needed any errands done for the earth today?"
"Thank you, Mom. I will need..." as she pats her lips, "Mom, nothi, tomorrow, Mom. Can we,oh,well,Momlet'sdance... Here, Mom, we'll need to pla,sow,camaraderie,back,forth,over he,someplace... It's done for now Mom. Can we go out tomorrow... Oh, we're alright for the forseeable future, okay Mom? But thank you, thank you much."
"Twyla, keep me posted." And she ducks back into the house... For Twyla is a special force in the garden. Her mother, always a studier of earth and how it heals itself, sees the broader picture of how she might help the earth by supporting her child to see the broader picture as well. Lo and behold, her child responds by taking it to the gardens, one be one, seemingly, and yet, they all seem to say that, if we were to 'one' them - make them seem as one - that there would be nothing but harmony created. And so, the mother figures on helping her child, Twyla - means the web - be a web for the earth. Twyla is 6, and a force in the garden. By arrangement with her father, Twyla can help with his gardens, as long as she tunes into what it is the garden is about. Her father, a studier of finer aspects of gardening, though not by armchair, but by intuitive flow, by participating in his destiny to rest in the aspect of healing earth... not so much because it's by allowing, by enforcement of devic flow in his own mannerisms in the garden. It's by interpreting, and then follow-through that this is done.
Twyla, how are things in the garden today?" asked the mother.
"Mom, I'm bowing out of all conversation about the garden. The devic realm is at work there today, and they don't care for instruction.... Oh,well,oh... Mom, looks like I am instructed to pick out some plants for the new area, the one that you and I scoped out last week? Oh... just... Mom, we'll wait.... Mom, how is it that we know what to do when we work with the devic realm? I feel as though I am a yo-yo sometimes."
"Twyla, nature has its weighs and miens. It can meander, land, take off again. Just like the pretty hummingbird... Twyla, let's take a rest break, okay? Would you like some fresh blueberries?" And they go inside together. When there is a change of plans for the humans, the devic realm is always at the helm of peaceful uptake of their plans. First order of business is kindness, cooperation, mindfulness in terms of others to consider.
"Dad," Twyla counters, "you may say it to the devic realm, and they may know it to be the case. However, until it appears in the form of physical, one never knows where it will land."
"Twyla, you have been hanging out in the gardens. You know of the weighs and miens that take shape over time. Recall it? There was a time when the land felt... mmm, awkward in scope and feel. Do you recall it?" As Twyla nodded her head, her father continued: "There were seasons when nothing was called for, then something was 'suggested', well, thoughts came to our minds at the same time." Twyla's father knew he was speaking with a 6 year old, and yet, he felt that she would pick up what was needed. He continued: "I know you were a small child, and yet, picked up on it, too." He laughed, then continued: "Remember what you used to tell me, when I would try and pick the produce from our garden?"
"Yes, Dad. I would tell you to be careful of the products, for they are not products. They are the devic realm's way of sharing what they produced themselves, with human help. Let's call them Devan Triumphs, right Dad?" They both got a good chuckle for the memory.
"Twyla, I see why you ate them with such care. Now that you interact so readily with the devic realm, you see the fruits of your labors!" 
"Dad, I do. And one more thing, there are vegetables, too!"
And now there was such a ruckus because of the din of laughter, the mother stepped into the room to see what had occurred.
“On the one hand, a carrot, on the other… Mom, you finish the joke!”
“Well,’ said Mom, “I’ll take cabbage!” They laughed heartily.
"Glynn, you shoulda heard what our daughter has to say about the work. It's the fruits, AND the vegetables of her labors, and that's funny!" To which the family danced gaily about the house, until they all ended up in a pile on the couch! 
"Dad and Mom, that's so much fun. Let's do it again tomorrow!"
At these times, when all was merriment, the devic realm bowed out, so that the humans might do what they do in the physical realm. It didn’t involve the devic realm, and, too, the devic realm, conscious of it or not, were not so applicable to what human auras did on a regular basis. If it were ‘of the garden’, ‘in the garden’, ‘of balance’ in most situations, they may be around. As well, if something such as another human being was approaching their current comrade, they bow out instantly, seemingly shuffed out by the energetic interaction. However, if the two are of the same weighs and miens, they may be helpful to have around and can be invited.
By invitation only will the devic realm promulgate. You see, what is instrumental in a life filled with devic propensity, is that, once the devic realm makes a match, meaning there is resonance with a balance on earth, they seem to multiply. They are most often apparent as a group. Naturally, they do appear as a single. That said, their nature is one of multiplicity where, there may be more to it when there are more around.
As well, the devic realm, though specified as devic, includes:
God: The devic realm comes from God. God directs them.
Devas: These are the in-dwelling spirits in the garden, the conscious force. They do nothing except provide balance, instruct those who are akin to their schema, and hold that which is in place of balance and also, they create, by human hands, that which will be in balance.
Elementals: These are angels for humans, and elementals for the garden. If you have one in your aura, where the angels dwell, you have an angelic presence at your side, and also, because you are also an elemental… See, the human population has what it takes to balance the earth. Because their consciousness is wrapped up in physical creation for the most part, there is no tie-line to the astral realm. However, being in the garden is one such way to reconnect with that which is ‘of the astral’, wherein the devic realm dwells. Call to them there, and if the garden is the least bit in balance, they will direct their consciousness there. And if the human seeks their participation and carries out their instructions to balance, then the devic realm will make their home there.
Landscape Angels: These are the overarching angels of the landscape. They may also play a part in a human life. However, in terms of explanation here, such as holding patterns in their aura such as angels do, one must know of them as those beings who hold a landscape, energetically. For example, when a landscape angel appears, the landscape is showing progress toward balance. Landscapes can act as a resource for the angelic realm when they are in balance because they denote a place, similar to their place in the astral realm, where they dwell. If an angel has a particular consciousness, then they will dwell where the energy matches. In terms of holding a landscape energetically, this benefits the ‘residents’ because there is a power to help with the balance.
Overarching Entities: Specifically, these beings come and go. They, like the landscape angels, hold a space. However, because of shifts in earth plane energy, they move across territories. Territorially speaking, that’s their work.
Twyla and her parents are committed to helping with the earth’s healing and wellbeing. In doing so with the tools at hand, meaning:
-creatively drawing upon their own resources to connect astrally
-joining in with devic propensity to determine the garden’s nature, flow, and array (life force made manifest to all) as the garden’s destiny
-absolute partnership, joy, and peace in the garden area
They offer the earth and its inhabitants a way forth, such that all will be in balance, if all concerned take heed of what’s needed within the bounds of working in tandem with devic propensity to produce an atmosphere of sound healing.
Briand, Twyla’s angel and elemental, states the obvious: “Twyla, what can you forecast?”
Twyla, taking it up, responds: “Briand, nothing!”
Briand posits: “Twyla, what differs with the devic realm?”
Twyla: “Weighs and miens.”
Briand: “How much can it matter?”
Twyla: “In consequence.”
Briand: “If I need to, what happens?”
Twyla: “No go.”
Briand: “If then.”
Twyla: “Not an opportunity for growth.”
Briand: “Twyla, one more?”
Twyla: “One more.
Briand: “Better left ___.”
Twyla: “Better left unsaid. Briand, here’s one for you:
Briand: “There is no A or B, only moment.”
Twyla: “Thank you, Briand.”
Briand: “Thank you, Twyla, for this game, Sceptre.”
“Twyla, gardening today?” Mom asked.
“Yes, and forever. With love in my heart, joy overflowing for the devic realm, how can we miss the opportunity for all!”
The End

Intole, landscape angel:
“Intole, thank you, Intole.”
And Intole stopped by from time to time, coming in when nature dictated energetically and also connecting with his dual, Claris. Duals occur naturally. They are connections made in astral environments.

Briand, elemental and angel:
“Briand? Elbri? Thank you, Elbri.”
And that’s the way it was. In Claris’ world, the elementals’ names shift with their position – to either connect with Claris as her angels, or to be with the elemental range of existence. For example, to help Claris in the garden. Though showing up in the forefront of Claris’ attention, they may be here for a different path than to assist Claris, personally. Hence, the name-shift on energetic terms. If one tunes in to the angelic presence, the ether will speak their astral name.

Dean and Deon, overarching entities:
“Claris.” And they are gone. Seasonally, intermittently, they appropriate and attract what it is that’s needed energetically and for the physical planet, through means energetic. See, energetics affect the whole range of existence. One may see this in their prayer or affirmation practice. Try this: Every day, repeat – ‘I am a peaceful existence.’ And follow up on it!

Invitation, invita-ay-ay-tion
Invitation. Why don't you just invite the devic realm to play with you in the garden?
Like this:
"Devic realm, please come and play with me in the garden."
Of course, you have to be standing in the garden yourself.
"Devic realm, how about if you show me what this garden needs."
Of course, you have to be willing to follow along.
"Devic realm, I don't know anything about gardening. How about showing me."
Of course, you have to be ready for anything.
The End

Devic Realm and Planting Matrix-style
1. Situate yourself in the garden.
2. Be ready for instruction. Think 'balance' and see how this manifests. Is it a picture that comes to mind? Is it a 'lie-low' type of inference? Is it a 'come back later' inference, or a 'jet about the edges so we can see the lines of action' type of inference, or a 'not this spot but the other', or a 'you need to rest and not do this type of work at the moment', or a 'start, but not this spot', or 'do nothing', or 'plant here', or 'be, for the moment', or 'think of the garden as part of a larger whole', or 'enjoy, and we'll see you another time', or 'you will take up 3 plantings'.
3. Follow along. Say, "I'm ready." Say, thank you, God." Say, "Thank you, devic realm." Whatever you do, do what is the kindest, most courteous, thoughtful, most uplifting thing, and make sure it is inclined. Do your utmost. Play your part.

Gardening for Twyla
"Gardens," said Claris, "are like friendship. They seemingly announce themselves from out of nowhere..." Claris looks on to her class to make sure she has gotten their attention. All except for one - Mandolin, who seemingly has everyone's attention. With his 4-footed cat-nature, he is the one who is truly teaching the class a lesson.
"How about that, Mandolin. What have you to say about the garden?"
"Claris, I thought there was something about paying attention by remaining at... hmmm, 'forward-swaying' is what comes to mind, like how Mandolin approaches the garden. He... sways... but it's more like it's in his aura? Like... he doesn't mean to sway, but he catches himself because he doesn't want to interfere with the energy, somehow, and yet he joins in to the fervor that is already there! Oh Claris, did I understand something? For once, I think I did."
"Claris, how about when Mandolin supplies us with a chance to connect with the garden, that is all his own, and yet, like he understands that we could use a window in, and so he bellows his 'come on, gang' like he is leading us on a chase, like Jim here said, in energetic terms... right Claris?"
"Right on the mark. Now you know the nift. Class, once you touch on the energy of a situation, you make your way toward energetically connecting with the garden in its full flavor. And that's when you can connect with the devic realm, whether by... It's almost"
"Claris, it's as though the garden speaks, or tells you to act, right?"
"Claris, it's like when you are getting up early, and the sunshine acts as a catalyst for you to also be that sunshine for someone's day. Is that the case?"
"Claris, I thought it would do to bow out of this discussion, but what I find is that the earth - could it be that? Well, the earth is what comes to mind - the earth is following a rhythm that only it can extol. However, I can... I am invited to follow along, be the footsteps that hearken the journey. There, I've said it."
"Claris, what's he pointing at?"
As the class turned in the direction of Mandolin, who seemed to be jumping up and down in one spot...
"I think he said we have it!"
To which all merrily joined in with chuckles and "Aw, that's good."

Devan Triumph Credo
Pathway to Success, in the Way of the Devic Realm, lies in:
-Optimism for a bright now
-Consideration for all
-Matching your interpretation with active participation

“Clarisdeva, energetics and optimization happen through members. You, being a member, have roles to play that are flight-laden, movement-oriented, and, when they are ocular, tactile, and these are dominated by a sense of sending the uptake to the devic realm, such as by thought, or wishing it were so, or aurically connecting with the impulse – devic – it can be relied on to meet the mark.”
Claris reflected, “And what that mark tells one is often nothing that I can see. However, it is my destiny to rely on the devic realm, to be a part of its incarnation on the physical plane. I am starting to see a broader view of life, of survival, and of worth of following along. The benefits to me, personally, have been next to nothing so far. And yet, as truth would have it, so I follow along. It has nothing to do with physical beauty. Only rectification of the whole.”
“Tunneling, Clarisdeva. It is the way of devic involvement on the planet. It is the way to promulgate the devic influence for balance and resilience on earth. It is applicable to earthly means. Clarisdeva, as you perceive the way that energy moves when effective means of solution are laden in the garden, then you are the instrument for devic fortification, for light as it relates to uptake of nutrients, blends of plant material to… they help each other, the plants, when placed in particular order. Claris Deva, the ones who depart – you call it death – in the garden, have myriad uses: off-gas of nutrients for the other plants, home for organisms that will help the cycle of decay and nutrify in all sorts of uptake for the inhabitants, and lastly, the beauty. If the garden is at rest with its purposes, then it can also extol the beauty it has to offer physically. If you work with us, you will see there is time for all aspects. Over time it will tell of a balance that bespeaks easefulness for all. When there is ease for all, then the planetary makeup will shift into higher energy systems, like that of ancient times.
Clarisdeva, we must do our shares, if you join us for keeps. What happens over time is that the devic influence grows to include other areas of in-need. For example, connecting with like-minded gardeners to form a web which demonstrates that life force can parallel itself to include areas not directly under its influence. It can also string along these areas so they nutrify themselves with very little influence… except that when energetically there is influence, there is magnetic flow. Magnetic flow speaks to ancient, though neverending flow. Whereas there is flow from one age to another, there is also a flow that elevates one to become more like a higher age, if one thinks in those terms. For instance, when someone is kind, it will automatically connect to that which is a higher energy, like a confluence of ages hence. There is a stirring, a memory that takes shape of when all was in balance, in the most high age. That which is taking shape at the time, is either for the good or not. It depends on how things rest in the cycle.
Clarisdeva, wind tunnels are like this. They provide a consciousness which is so magnetic that it comes for (your) miles just through simple acts of following our guidance. You have seen it. It is working to disinclude the areas of strife in the atmosphere and shove the pretense of health in its place. We will continue to thrive the atmospheric pressure by your hand, and those of others through simple means:
1) Follow the devic lead, for those are the ones prescribed in the position of guiding life force on the planet.
2) Make good the soil by simple means.
3) Share with others the peace of garden in balance.
Clarisdeva, balance can happen by many directives. You will see how we make use of values which are not necessarily in your line of acceptance. Bleach, for example, in scant amounts is nutritive for soil production. We have the recipe for you. And for the earth itself, there are ways that it takes itself up to a plane of existence that seems out of balance for the earth folk. However, but more importantly, it rectifies itself, sometimes on massive scales, such as fire, earthquakes, and the like. If we can say it without making too much of an issue for the earth folk, who seem to depend upon status quo, the earth responds to the earth folks’ preoccupation with imbalance, seemingly untoward to the devic realm, but more to the point, that the earth folk are not playing the part that God sent them to play. They meander – meanderthals, is the devic joke – instead of playing their part to help. Instead, they tear apart, tear down. We are not here to rectify their indifference, just to make the balance that is our part to play. It does mean that, although there is a way forth, it may mean to tear away at something first. We have no preconceived notions about the way things rest. We only… Clarisdeva, you write about the angelic realm as being shuffed around, with no control of themselves, except to offer helpful advice. We, too, have no control. When you call, we are there. When you do balance, we help by being there to hold that same space… We are ‘balance’, ‘thriving’, ‘centering in a way to see what can occur yet might not, the next second, be the case’… Like the angelic realm, we proffer, we exist to make whole, and yet, where there is not the issuance of this type of guidance from humanity, we fall away….” The energy dissipates and then surges: “When there is a reason to be with you, we dwell. Reasons can include ‘question to response’ from you, ‘working side by side where we each contract with the other to make a whole’… Humans are necessary. Devic realm is also necessary. Fruit or famine, is how we see things, and how we continue to see things over time. It’s not that we dwell among continuous dis-ease. It’s that, as we are conscious, and as we pick up, through hands like yours, disgust from others that are in your midst… We all seem to be as one. Consciousness knows no bounds. We are all affected by good and evil. We seem to have parts of us that strive for best. That is what we all need to focus on. That will see us through to… joy. Joy is what we are here for. Joy is the catch-basin for existence. Joy is the supremacy. When joy is at rest, the work is done here on earth…” The devic realm departs, then resurges: “The other call to action is to invest your time in fostering a community, creating the web real time in making your crystal matrices for the club. It is named Devan Triumph and has this credo:
-          Do my part.
-          Teach.
-          Build a web.
Clarisdeva, we will continue to show you how you may build soil with simple ingredients.
Quickly… collect leaves of all sorts and scatter and mix them under trees which foster their own atmospheric involvement with the atmosphere’s cadence. The cadence of the atmosphere is misaligned but will be aligned if we work together.”
The End

Bleach Recipe
“Clarisdeva, when you use bleach, do so consciously. It is, for the devic realm, clarifying if used in the correct amounts. When you see how it operates, you will know of its efficacy. When applied to planting areas in the correct spots and amounts, there will be a flourish of energy. Used incorrectly, there will be detriment. When the earth folk can use bleach in the right moments and the correct amounts, there will be flourishes of energy. We have not seen it to be the case. There is either lack of use, or too much. Will you try it, then?”
The End

"Aw, but where do you rest best, Claris?" spurts out Mandolin, her cat.
"Mandolin, it's when the path treads itself, and when there are moments of perspicacity, like when all is in order, or seemingly so. Crystal matrices such that the patterning helps one to be restfuly participating in their life's work, or when the garden is at rest... Well, I do love the garden, Mandolin..."
"Claris.... Claris?"
"Yes, Mandolin... how about some free-wheelin'... I'll go this way and you go nift, okay?"
And that's how it was for a cat and his gal.

Mes Trix
“Clarisdeva,” and Claris had, over time, felt there would be games….
“Devic realm.”
“Devic realm reports sport to be had….”
“I’m all for it.”
“Devic realm reports a matrix, such that a coin can be inserted and it will play music.”
“I will get a matrix today.” As she pulled out her coin purse, Here”
“Clarisdeva, the coin is of natural constitution, like a matrix that you prepare.”
“A matrix/I’ve got it. Sodalite!”
“The stone you refer to makes a difference when played with, such as rubbed between your fingers. It is your coin. Others will do… by resilience it makes you look. The energy alights-it lights the way for the devic realm. On your tapestry, place the crystal on the area that is permissible.”
Claris places the stone on her matrix cloth where her eyes first fall. The cloth is plain, deep brown hue, which tells her that she is at rest, and can pick up her work to make the matrices from crystal pieces placed in order to form bondage, breakwater, bandage, believability in oneself, resilience, bound for home such that all is in order for life and beyond.
“Clarisdeva, the game is won. We see the light as your joy.”
The End

Tenets of living with Devic Realm:
1. Be aware of nature, in such a manner as to apply yourself to its harmony and kindness.
2. Keep your own sense of things, like intuitive and dharmic flow, tantamount to what needs to be energetically done.
3. Feel that you are one with nature, such that all is in order, or that you have the wherewithal to make it so, and that you follow it to its course.
4. Nature is a vehicle to manifest change in such a way that all will be more authentic.
5. Be near to beingness.
6. Be front and center with kindness.
7. Let nature take its course, but let it be because you are taking your course.
8. Let one and all know of their wherewithal to be in touch with that which is real in their lives.
9. Allow one another the space to sense their own competence to be one with the universal spirit.
10. Change complacency into peace provoking living.
11. Be one with spirit.
The End

How is it for you? What is your sense? How do you allow for making sense of something in a way to discover what is truly trying to happen? When you arrive at an understanding of how something sits, on your consciousness, in your gut, out of nowhere, in your heart, just out of reach but very tangible, tangential and yet somehow ‘right? How do you go about making sense of something? God’s gift to creation is your very own way of looking at things – in truth, in the way of making sense for everyone’s good.

“A club?” thought Claris. “What a novel idea. I already have the pattern for the Devan Triumph crystal matrix… Pearl, Tourmaline, Jasper (green), Amethyst, Quartz, Carnelian. Now, if I could only relay to folks how like-minded this crystal pathway is for the devic realm. It manifests a connection with the devic realm across the… millennia? What happened there? I only thought to create a crystal pathway for the devic realm to say we have a club…”
“Clarisdeva, when you say you have a club, you only have a club when you share your pattern with folks of like mind. They would need to place the pattern in line with our view. Would they know where that is? Clarisdeva, you will be helping them to find the exact location for their locale, right?... Clarisdeva, we see how things rest… They rest… as long as there is a way for the pathway to clear itself out of all other disturbances. Peace…” trailing off, resuging “What occurs is that, with a clear pathway, there is a swirl of… peace… where we hardly exist because the peace is so overflowing that there is not a need for action. Like a meditative flow, Clarisdeva. Let people know to meditate. Their peace will be our peace as well. Their goodness will be our goodness as well. Their joy will be our joy as well… We can hardly speak to you when there is a flow of… grace. Let us rest in the flow… We suppose we talked ourselves into this type of rest… We wonder, if we were to talk ourselves through this phase of development for the earth, if it were to be contagious. We hope to manifest this peace for the future involvement of many like-minded souls, that they, too, may find a more elevated wonderland. Wonderlands exist in the astral realm, where we also find ourselves situated from time… not that… Time is in the ether on earth. In the astral realm it is not time, but… space is a topic but not the type of space that the human realm knows. Space is elevated momentum. Space is elevated… Space spans velocity’s flow… Space has its momentum in the etheric balance of to’s and fro’s in the astral realm, such that, when there is no movement, the answer comes, God comes to placate absolution… Our destiny is your destiny, Clarisdeva. Our timeframe is nigh. Would you say that is the case for you, too? Clarisdeva, would you ask the populace if they are nigh, and if they are ready for the peace that awaits them? Because, you see, it awaits all of us. And if they play their parts, and if, indeed, God presents them with their part and they take it up, then the joy and the peace will reign. And if they choose against… The piece that is missing in this equation is the flow from the populace that says, “Yes, I understand what God is asking me to partake of. And I understand what I am to do at this moment. And I do it willingly, and I do it beseechingly. For if I do it with this type of elevation, then I meet the great creator, and I know my part, and I see my destiny, as a part of everyone’s destiny. And we are one, then.”
Clarisdeva, do you think that you can change the world by your actions? Because you simply have. Please take your reign of energy out to the world, and never let it wane. Because we are one, and you know that we are now… We see that you take your work seriously. Take it more joyously and we will be there to cajole you. For, when there is a cajoling nature, the wheel turns a little more plumply. Ask Mandolin. He has a plump part to play….”
“I will.”
The End

Meditation: Sit quietly, restfully. Gaze with peace in your heart, behind closed eyes, at the confluence of the eyebrows. Gallop with the breath: let it go out and come in. Take up rest with the influx of relaxation that happens when you relax the breathing apparatus… take in peace… let go of the need to perform… Beget peace with your own understanding of its definition. Dwell. Stay for as long as you are comfortable. Take this definition out to the world. Live in the memory of it. Live by it.
The End

"Fornay," Claris calls to her husband, "I have found you! You were right where I left you, in't it..."
And as Claris looks on after Fornay, a peace spreads on the garden....
"Fornay, you have the magic touch, in't it so?"
"Claris, it's the devic realm. I do the loading out after they incline their energy to meet up with my inclination to follow their lead of balance. Does that make sense?... Oh Claris, your new bracelet for me somehow makes the most sense! Just as you say, gal - all in the right order, both the garden and the crystals."
And as Fornay and Claris stare off into the realm devic, they both feel that there is balance...
"Claris," Blue 1, her pig, starts, "how about dinner?"
"Oh, Blue 1, I'll be right there..."

Fortuition: allowing for more, allowing for less, allowing for changed circumstances, allowing for experiences that there are no ties to, allowing devic and angelic to set the stage and be the hands and feet, no matter what, and in a less than public way as it has nothing to do with anything else than you, the devic realm, and the angels. Because – it is unique to the individual’s part to play and, being subtle, needs the opportunity to grow and magnetize. You need the space to grow and be more appropriate to the work – without preconceived notions, or a rush, and so have more patience and kindness, and resolve to stick with it while not letting the work of the devic realm interfere with your other duties, ever.
While seemingly correspondent or seemingly non-communicative – never ask a question. Because, when you ask a question, it is because you are frontloading some form of thought path… Except when you ask, “How can I help?”… Follow along or leave it be, and take up what is appropriate. You will find your own way forth which is individual. Be a laser beam of attention, an attentive though withdrawn force, always ready to serve. Be on call yet stand-offish so that when it comes, you are sure of the response. Be a part of the whole where called to act, whatever action is appropriate, per the devic realm, and per the angels, as messengers of God, His Peace, and His perfect balance. And, where it is called for, by your own common sense, as it relates to intuitive flow.
The End

“Oh, Fornay,(I’m so upset!)”
Fornay sports out – “Gal, I’ve known you long enough to know that once you have your uptake, you’ll feel a lot more… useful, perhaps.” Characteristic of Fornay, he lips his smile… for his beloved, Claris.
“Thank you, Fornay. I’ll work on it. Be back by, okay?”
Claris had heard the devic realm’s entreaty to communicate. She turned back to the garden:
“Devic realm, how could (I have gone wrong? Plants died when I gave them care.)
“Clarisdeva, they are the rewards of the garden. You planted as instructed, and they, in turn, formed a matrix.”
“Matrix. Clarisdeva, the matrix will hold, will be in balance, will help.”
“Then n(othing is lost…”)
“Clarisdeva, everything is well in balance. Thank you, Claris Deva.”
“F(or who?”)
“Clarisdeva, when the matrix is formed, it is fresh for all. Ah Fornay…” and there’s a sense of filing out, Claris thought.
“Claris, I have a message from Autentica.”
“I know, Fornay. She would like her lick and grass. She’s done well with her health. Pretty back to normal, would you say?”
“Claris,” called Autentica. “It’s my time now. You know what to do.”
“Autentica, be right there…. Fornay, come along?”
The End

What is
Our own
Doesn’t it make sense to
Effervesce and

Dutifully, or is it
Due to fully recognize
The divinity in nature.
Nature’s dew or is it
Nature is due to show
Us the way today in all ways.
Balance is sought, victory is near.
Infallible when one takes up the charge.
Destiny, when followed to the end.

“Mercy me,” thought Claris when she stepped out to the little made-fresh garden in her backyard. “There’s something here for the take away, and I am to share it with people.”
“So what’s to take away?” Mandolin asks with a beamish lilt to his feline gait.
“I dunno… hmmm, je ne sais quoi… but I realize that it’s happening and takes its effect on me. Would you say that’s the case for you, too, Mandolin?”
“Claris, when you say it takes its affect on you, is that something that bears fruit?”
“Yes, in a way it does. I can’t quite put my (finger on it)…”
“Devic realm reports that, when there is balance, it applies a pressure that goes beyond the physical…”
“Would you (say it is healing)…?”
“Devic realm reports that all is healing or no…”
“All is healing or no,” ponders Claris. Well I guess (that’s it).”
“Clarisdeva, there is more. When one is attuned to balance, one can take up much. When one is tuned to clarifying the makeup of balanced ways, what occurs is that… oh, Fornay.” And the energy leaves.
“Claris, look at what’s happened. Way to go, gal. Stunning appearance of the garden… well, stunning appearance of the garden!” Fornay excites in what is alerting him to fruit in the garden. As Claris and Fornay look on, what they see and what their sense is may, in terms of flavor, be two different things. Soil is spread and nothing, in physical appearance more. What is dawning on the two of them is, having tuned in to the step by step process, an energy forecasts itself with an ‘All Sunny’ appearance.
“Gal, I believe I see the difference between your miens and weighs and what people do in accordance with their particular wishes. Write about it, okay?” And he wanders off. And she did.
The End

Exercise 4 (from Claris’ book Devan Triumph)
Take a walk about your garden. Invite the devic realm, that invisible yet very palpable, to the practiced, who, upon knowing of the garden’s arrival under their belt, will be most forthcoming to work with. Invite the devic realm, through prayer, open-hearted knowingness, ‘around-town’ attitude about wanting the garden to be in balance and help the earth and its inhabitants. While you are actively participating, see if there is a ‘way to be/go/do’ that strikes you, that ‘comes to your minds’ eye’. Follow it until it until it ceases, until it comes to fruition, etc. Follow it throughout your life.

“Mandolin! Where are you today? Are you here or are you there, or are you in the air?”
“Mom, I am here; I am there; and yes, I am in the air. How about a nift? You have been working your tail off… Mom, it’s a joke but recall it:
Merry me, and merry you, and together we’ll be a point of view….”
“I like that about you, Mandolin. Always ready for your best efforts to stargaze!”

“A wind tunnel is a forthright representation of a flow undaunted.” Claris… surmises…adjusts perception of… waits for a clue… “Well?”
Sense of devic realm filing in… filing through… leaving… letting itself around and through… left.
“Okay, then.”
“Clarisdeva, not the right timing.”
“Class, see how the devic realm flows? It does take shape, may communicate, wander or be mute. When pressed, such as when I asked, “Well?” It… or communication… hmmm. See, the devic realm is so forthcoming, so willing to extend itself, so extensive in its… hmmm.”
“Clarisdeva, tell the humans that, once it is known to act, and once we have a willing participant, the devic realm will not only communicate, but will flow and act on the human’s participation, without fail, if the human has the same tactics. Tactics can be the same. Both entities can take part if the human has in its… Clarisdeva, does the human have an auric knowledge? Ask them, do they know about their auras? If they do, they will know that they have the wherewithal to comingle. Comingling can occur when the devic realm is on board with the human’s motivational stance.” Devic realm falls silent.
Most of the students nod when asked if they took in the devic communication.
“Now wh”
“Clarisdeva, motivation is balance, cooperation, and total candor. Kindness is at the heart of the devic realm’s search for partnership. In kindness, all communication is possible.
Clarisdeva, one must be kind to cooperate. In this manner, one can see the truth of how it operates, the system of flow and shift and change of direction. When there is a belief in kindness as a mode of transport of anything, and then when there are 2 parties with the same mode of transport, the pathway begets a sprouting of fruitful and integrative interaction such that magnetism grows and fosters inclusive intervention, such that the whole is apt. Over time, the whole will be apt, once the ones of influence will be kind.
For wind tunnels, the way forth is to say: a flow undaunted such that the earth’s atmosphere will refresh and restructure itself automatically so that when there is a disturbance, like an air flow that’s not common or known of so as to be able to be rectified automatically, the wind tunnel will stir the earth’s atmosphere such that so-called imbalanced waves will come to earth to be changed by the many trees that the people plant. When there is a resonance with mutual transport, the devic realm will take itself to be the stable force for the atmosphere, too. Devic realm is finished. “
Claris brings in, “The devic realm seems to have departed.”
“Clarisdeva, the devic realm will give a chance for reflection and integration. The devic realm may be on hand for questions.”
1) How can we make our participation known more, Claris?
“Devic realm reports that, once you have invited the devic realm to participate, and it is wholeheartedly genuine, the devic realm will perform. When you step aside from wishes, likes, and preoccupation with ‘what should be’, the ‘shall be’, ‘is to be’, ‘will be’, is able to come to the fore.”
2) When do we include the devic realm?
“Devic realm reports to Clarisdeva for the answer… Devic realm would say that once you have opened your mind to all that is astrally, meaning God-driven, then whoever is appropriate at the moment will come forth. It’s important to realize that this is a lifestyle.”
3) Is this like our own intuition that is the incoming force, or is it the devic realm, or whoever is called to help and arrives that we ‘hear’ or sense?
(long pause so Claris is about to start)
“Devic realm reporting in for feedback, Clarisdeva.” (Quick to come back in.) “Clarisdeva, we, too, find that it is the intuitive, the ‘outside the bounds of speech’, the recognizable as fortuitous for all, that does the reaching out and extoling of virtues. Through the devic realm, through interactions with the plant material itself, through your meditations… through your interactive gaze with the divine… through anything that speaks of balance, goodness, and peaceful uptake… through sporting through changes with a kind heart, these are the ways that the portal is open to that which is known to be truth, and that is the way the devic realm operates. However, not sure how to communicate that… when called, we arrive. However, also to arrive is your own flavor of truth, and so, in that, the divine, your God-given nature, can come to the fore and be specific in its resolution. And that is the all-important moment, when you connect with your true wisdom, for that is where you come in, your part to play. And, anything else is superfluous, and not constant. Like the devic realm: we are constant as long as we are called upon. And to perform is our duty. We are infallible, because energetically prospected. However, should the energy go awry, we, too, will vanish. Just as your mechanism to extol your virtues vanishes should you take the wrong path.”
4) What does the devic realm feel the outcome will be for the world’s problems.
“Clarisdeva, which problem?... Clarisdeva, metaphysically or metaphorically? Searching… Cla… Everyone must play their part for there to be harmony. Everyone is not playing their part at the moment. Everyone can play their part. Will everyone play their part?”
5) What is the most important thing to do at the moment?
“Cla… Everyone has to play their part. When the natural movement is to play a part of something, the tendency should be to join in to that route.”
6) What shall we do about the offenders?
“Clar… Everyone should play their part and so there will be no offenders… The devic realm wishes to speak about who is an offender. Who is an offender? (long pause but still seems forthcoming, like the energy is still present to perform)… There will be no retaliations, only gestures toward balance by those who have the wherewithal… This means what you can do in a positive light to help the earth… by making your garden a balance, by creating more soil, by opening your life to balance and creativity such that they foster consciousness of being at
me-ness with the creative conscious forces… A restful force in the garden makes the perfect force for working together to foster care, placement of matrices, and the flow that is necessary to heal the earth, and to provide healthful solutions for the inhabitants. For example, when plants die back, they not only provide, in some cases, for seed production or for mulch, they also off-gas matter for uptake by humans and animals. Since the way forth is to provide for all, it makes sense that, when a plant dies back per the physical eye, there is the opportunity for uptake that goes beyond herbal medicine, but only that herbal medicine can include uptake of matter that has flown into the air because it has become soil – leaves, twigs, branches, stems, and the like, give of their nutrients for uptake just by walking in their vicinity.
Soil enriches our lives. It harbors organisms that either send a message to plants to take them up, or are close enough that there is a symbiotic relationship where the soil-living members act as an ointment to the plants’ mechanism to embrace the nutritive ingredients. There is a fortitude of the soil which goes beyond the dirt aspect. Soil can be dirt, or it can be nutrition. When there is nutrition, it’s obvious to see how there is an enlargening affect of matter uptaking a feeding more and more. The simplest thing a human can do is follow along with the chain of events that seem to be pending. It’s a coming together of all parts of a communicative effort so that those involved play their parts.”
The End.

Claris formulates with the devic realm for her class:
“The devic realm operates within a framework that is prescribed at the moment, and can be altered by the next moment’s flow. And so, one can see that if there is movement away from destiny’s call, the next move will be to bring it back toward destiny. In the same way, once a move moves toward destiny, the next move will be toward destiny. And so, according to evolution there is no end until we move to destiny - the process related to how things fit together over time. At which time there is no opportunity to move toward destiny, there is death. But until that time, there is a way to move toward destiny. The binding force toward destiny is operable and we must seek it because it is our destiny, too. There is no other definition of existence. We are parts of the whole… attune, atone, at-one.
When, at the human level, there is cognition that something fruitful can be had, what needs to occur is to move toward it. If the outcome is more firmament for us to grow into a nature that is helpful to all, that tells the earth and its inhabitants to grow as well. With involvement of the heart, through kind words or simple gestures such as a smile, or, most importantly, holding thoughts of wellbeing for yourself or others throughout the day, one gleans further attunement to that which is also in line with destiny’s flow to balance.
Yes. Question?”
“Claris, why would an individual want something different than what is the ‘right direction’?”
The End

“Claris, how long did it take this garden to come to fruition?”
“Well, I don’t know that I have an answer. For me, there are certain markers. For instance, when I purchased the property, fully knowing that the garden needed… something. Or when I spoke at the garden… maybe it was ‘to’ the garden but at that point I only felt saddened by its state. Still, I felt a resonance, a wanting to help. And then, when I felt the first nudge – from who knows where. That, too, may have been the starting time. And now it’s been 3 ½ or 4 years since I moved here… Oh, it’s Mandolin… He often joins me in the garden areas. It’s interesting to me – he seems to follow me around while I’m working to find balance in the gardens. Then, when there is nothing left to do, judging by my sense of things, I look around and Mandolin has disappeared, and I wonder about the sensitivity of the animals to the world around us. Thoughts, anyone?”
“Claris, my dog hovers over the garden until I come out to look for him. Makes me think I should take up more of a message from him.”
“Claris, I do invite my cats to take part with me in my flower garden. It’s interesting to me that they come as far as the zinnias, then no farther or they go back toward the house. Maybe we can start together there and see where to go.”
…“Someone else?”
“Claris, I hesitate to say it, but I do use chemical treatments in the garden. Would you say I should stop?”
Claris comes in: “Oh everyone, did you feel the influx of energy? There may be more…”
“Clarisdeva…” Claris checks with the devic realm, then continues:
“Everyone, what happens for the devic realm is not ‘what occurs’ but what is inclined. You could take yourself to the nursery and ask what is inclined. You could, though maybe not as balanced or thorough, point to ‘a good idea’ in your mind, and ask and the answer could be a ‘yes’. Would this be inclined? Sir, you could see about the chemicals. How would you do that? Does someone care to chime in?... No? How about if we open to the devic realm’s flow…”
“Devic realm, I and my friends are at attention… Devic realm, the question…”
“Clarisdeva, what is inclined will do…………………….”
“Everyone, what do you make…”
Devic realm: “Everyone invited, there is inclination and it will do.”
“Devic realm, thank you.”
“Devic realm salutes the efforts of the group for the inclination. Until we meet again.”
“Thank you, devic realm. Everyone, shall we convene inside for some refreshments?”
The End

“Thank you, Devic realm.” Claris turns to the group: “Everyone – well…..” (Claris to herself – Devic realm, will do. Would you care (to stand by?). Bye now.)
“Well, I will take up what I have found and you can develop your own relationship with the devic realm. There seemed to be a stir of energy when I was concluding and this seems to be what is inclined:

Partnership: I am the physical counterpart. Devic realm is the signal to the inclination. I may do, stand, signal by thought, leave and almost all the time, wait for their cause. When I am called away, I will leave and the devic realm does not follow but may linger only to have the thought captured. Devic realm is kind to the nth degree. They are not akin to chat, just to helpful signaling to do for the furtherment of earth and its inhabitants. The devic realm has my full commitment that, when I am available to them, I will follow the signals as my sense takes me. I fully realize that devic realm is completely neutral, being consciousness that balances, with no judgment or condemnation. If I do not perform, they leave. However, we have a longstanding – tactics are in place - relationship and so there is a connection that will continue.

Interpretation: I must do my best to interpret the inclination. From what my sense is, I can be helped in my quest by either the devic realm leaving, coming close, coming apart or dissolving when I am not on the right track, or maybe when I am and the task is finished, or when a garden needs rest or when the energy of a thought is all that is needed and no physical outcome is inclined. The caution is that, when all is said and done, is the outcome more fruit. Does the energy feel more peaceful, more inclining toward balance, more apt. If so, you are on the right track, perhaps. If not, how does one interpret what the sense of things is? That is the question for the human. For, you see and you interpret. But, for the taker-upper of the interpretation, one must be eager for truth. It’s not that all is always discernable. It’s that which is helpful to all that will resonate as truth. Is truth knowable? That is for one to seek.

For the earth and its inhabitants: I vow to do my utmost for the devic realm’s cause to make earth and its inhabitants the healthiest they can be, and the balance most integrated as a whole. This means on all levels – spirit, body, consciousness, awareness of balance and the right type of energy to situate solutions for the good of all. While I am working, I do so in kindness, upliftment, and team spirit.
The End

1) Make every day a kind one.
2) Strive to put into play, what my sense is of balance in every situation.
3) Share with others as to their temperament, things they can do for the earth and its inhabitants

Solutions/tactics for balance, etc.:
1) Where appropriate, smile at others. In this way you can form kinships which go beyond the day’s greetings.
2) Hold thoughts of balance, etc. for all and for the earth. In this way a magnet is created.
3) Rough up the soil and see if the devic realm consciousness comes to your mind’s eye for a way forth for the garden area.
4) Invite the devic realm’s participation by trolling the garden edges and open your heart to possibilities.
5) How about a garden party for you and the devic realm. And – how could I forget: Mandolin! Invite your animal friends!
6) Start relating to your garden as needing the devic realm’s assistance. Follow along.
7) Make soil (not dirt)… Make resources – get the devic realm’s input. Give the gift of soil to friends.
8) Always… thank the devic realm for their assistance, especially when you bid each other adieu for the time being.
9) Be in touch with the others who foster kindness and balance in the garden. Join the club!
10) Thank God for the gift of friends.
11) The devic realm works well with little or no chatter and with focused communication on the matter at hand.

Devic realm flow:
The devic realm as far as I can tell, is a consciousness that, when taken to the limits of existence, knows no bounds in terms of uptake, wherewithal, and exacerbating to wellness.
When there is a way forth such that it precludes awareness, except by the devic realm, there is no way forth because it is through human intervention that devic flow can maintain a physical space. It is up to humanity, itself, to follow a path that is rightly given by the power of the universe, and extolled on the part of the devic realm to play its part. Humanity’s part is to……
The End

“Goodness me,” thought Claris to herself. “The garden is (coming along.) And before she could finish her thought:
“Clarisdeva, it is by your tactics that the garden comes to fruition and beyond.”
Claris senses a ‘happy atmosphere’ though maybe the word is ‘at rest’, or ‘aplomb’ or any of a number of sense applications.
“Claris must feel that there is something right about the garden. Look at her glow…”
“Oh Fornay, it’s you!” And they dance the stone pathway as if gliding on a symmetry that has no bounds.
“Claris, Mandolin and I want to congratulate you on the garden. It’s never looked so…” and as Fornay ‘lips his take up’, while lifting an eyebrow for Claris – something he does regularly as if to invite her comment, only to know it already…
“Fornay, you and Mandolin can have your fun. I, for one, am demonstrating how one can interact with nature, to fulfil a space’s destiny. Want to come along?”
“We’ll find something else to do; like pick arugula…” As he lips a sensory smile, he waits for Claris’ comment about making sure the garden is ready to be harvested, only to find Mandolin playfully running back and forth between the two of them. Claris, for all its worth, touches her lips with her thumb and forefinger and sliding them across, as if closing a zipper.
“What, Claris, not going to see if I know about ‘appropriate interaction with the garden’?”
Claris, hands on hips, waits, then outstretches one foot, hops to the other, while Fornay joins in.
“Leprechaun, you are, and we’re off to the arugula. Joy, Claris.”
Meanwhile, Claris fumbles around for a direction. Nothing comes to the fore so she relaxes, and then:
“Clarisdeva, the garden is at rest. Vacate for now.”
Claris leaves the garden area. She has sensed something like an uptake of energy, a spiral, a flow out or a flow down. She was thankful to resolve the ‘mystery’.
The End

How can I help?
Once the way forth is discovered, there is a helpfulness train which begets camaraderie, solution orientation, gifts from magnetic flow, and so on.
Belittle no concern, no matter how fleeting of singled-out or otherwise. Take up what comes and see the directional flow.
Do not care if the soil needs rest or buildup, or plants that fodder, or gardens that cease to produce, or take a while to produce beauty, because the lands are all connected and so one helps another. Follow the directional flow.
If we are to look at the way things progress, there is no timeline. Indeed, when there are moments of ‘production’, what is produced will lag or be beautiful or will formulate a dry appearance until the watering plea is issued. It all melds together as a whole, with nothing in between.
The End

Spritely, interactively, in obeisance, in obvious mirthful, steadfast, bringing to light, life itself in observance of its meanders, fruit and joy.
“My, my. I had no idea it was so fresh and its fruits so varied.”
“Clarisdeva, all to the whole.”
“Beg your pardon, Claris, but when is dinner?” Fornay, hiding behind Autentica, and in his best sheep voice, declares.
“Autentica, if I didn’t know any better, I think it is now. By the way, have you seen my heart-throb, Fornay?”
With that, Fornay comes ‘round Autentica, and they both take up grass, licks and “a kiss on the cheek for you, dear.”
The End

“Bradie, here are the crystal matrices for your garden.”
“Claris! They are not for the garden!”
“Bradie, do you have something to say about them?”
“They are for the earth. The earth rests with them. Thank you, Claris.”
“Wait. Where are you going?”
“Claris, you know the drill! One for there, one for here, and on and on! Whoops, didn’t you forget one, Claris?”
“Here you are, Bradie. I thought you would figure it out!”
The End

Devan Triumph Too
“Candor, cadence, and timbre. That’s what I know to be the case… But whether it resonates with the surrounding vibration, the vibratory matter speaks. It is a conscious manifestation of what is happening at the moment, in the grasp of the situational uptake, and in the knowing about what is to follow.”
The End

Sincerity – mine
Love – mine
Applicable – devic
Amplitude – devic
Observation – mine
Objective – mine
Awareness – mine
Pathway – mine
Conjugal – mine
Latitude – devic
Communal – both
Pragmatic – mine
Spirit – both
Transport – devic
Beneficial – both
Expansive – devic
Auric – devic
Destiny – both
Cooperative – both
Dharmic – both
Fixture – devic
Intermodal – devic
Projecting – devic
Followable – devic
Steady – devic
Present – devic
Resourceful – devic
“Well, I guess I have some things to work on,” thought Claris, as she continues her list...
Configurative – devic
Balance – devic
Carriage – devic
Pervasive – devic

“Claris, over here,” spouts Fornay. This spot has been coming to me on a daily basis. Not sure it is my idea or the devic realm’s. However, when I put my mind there, it goes away, seemingly wanting to come of its own accord. What do you think about it, Claris?”
“Hmmm, well it seems like it is all about, then, hmm.”
“Claris, here, hold the compass. I want to take a first pass at the area in question. Here ya go…. See, what’d I tell you? Here, right here. Claris, you stand here… There now, what’s your sense?... See, my sense is that this is where the sink hole is. Now I’ve said it… Do you know that I have been hearing ‘sink hole, sink hole’ for days? And how did we get here! Darned if I know…. Claris, you tell me what is supposed to happen next. I’m too disturbed by what I thought would never happen to me. I have lost control of my senses. They are running away from me, and chiming in ‘sink hole, sink hole’…” And Fornay starts to chuckle, a bighearted chuckle, tears running down his face, which he buries in Claris’ shoulder. They cry together, for what seems hopeless for the earth. And yet, when they have found what is necessary to take up, they take it up and never look back. Kinning with the devic realm is their nature, and one that shines out into the world.

“Wind tunnels… steam water…” Claris is mystified by what flows to her on a daily basis. It is only when she had done her research on global warming…
“Devic realm reporting in, Clarisdeva,” said the devic realm. “When there is atmospheric pressure to perform, the devic realm reports that all is well. When there is a need for rainwater, for example, it is fortuitous that the earth shall rain. When the earth does not rain when necessary, then the areas that need rain will suffer and change over to a new pattern. The devic realm responds to the new pattern, if there is a chance of human occupation with the devic realm’s speaking ability such that there is life to be had.
In terms of human health, the devic realm reports that, if there is a need for a change to the pattern of growth, in any direction, then the human population may cease to function as a whole. There may be parts that need to die off. Should this be the notion, it may be possible for the human population to move to different locales, or to change the lifestyle such that it will support the new situation, or the change in lifestyle will make the environment more appropriate. Should there be further notions of how things should operate in the human realm, the devic realm may or not be available to show the way for the human emphasis. Should there not be a need for the devic realm’s input, the human population will cease to cooperate, and the devic realm may not be necessary if the human intervention, itself, will cause a good outcome. If the devic realm shall cease to be prevalent, there will be no need to confer, and the devic realm will take up residence where there is a need to confer. If the human population which cares to confer with the devic realm situates itself in a locale, it may be that this will be enough, for the human population which cares to confer, to survive. Certainly, the human population has the wherewithal, given that it is God-given, to operate by intuitive flow. What the devic realm offers is nothing more than flow itself. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the human population to have the same flow, to relate to earth as the devic realm’s potential to create livable circumstances? We, the devic realm, are not sure that a non-partnership would be viable. However, it is not up to the devic realm to speculate, nor is it up to the devic realm to pontificate, only to extol when invited. What does the human population do if it does not pay attention to its… When the devic realm senses that a human is on-board with intuitive flow, is it not the same thing to be invited to participate? When Claris Deva is intuitively inclining, we show up. How is it that there would not be a partnership since we are magnetically attracted to intuitive flow by a human. It is nothing more than a magnet-like union. We are not summoning, but are summoned and have no choice but to follow. The thread that is woven is nothing more than inclined by God. We have no choice but to follow. Since human populations seem to follow logic, rather than intuitive flow, it is deemed inappropriate for the devic realm to follow. And so, without intuitive flow, how is it to work without the devic realm. Logic is physically inclining. And the depth and breadth of nature’s flow is not logical.”
Claris is turning from one direction to another, trying to get a foothold on this current topic of participation by the devic realm.
Claris bows down in prayerful supplication, and, at the feet of her guru, at the threshold of tears, speaks: “Why on earth would I have to make a call on this subject. It is unordained to cross the path of untruth. It is not what you would call true wisdom. And yet, there are many who take up a lively conversation about nothing of relevance. It’s sordid and uncanny how those who supposedly are in the know, can’t take their minds off production, numbers, money… nothing to do with flow. How can anyone justify not taking their God-given talents to the fore for the good of all. Many we have desired to take the lead. Many we have seen fallen. Now that the real battle is waged and we are at the forefront of either all out going by the wayside, or fessing up to the mess and controlling our consciousness to flow in a way that will take us to our destiny of peace… how can we not? Well, I guess if it were to come to pass, we could all go back to the astral realm and figure things out, if we could. I may say that I will do my best. Or die trying. Or die to the cause of reuniting with that which is at the heart of all – giving my all to my destiny which is to play the part that God gave me to play. I am truly yours, God. Make me worthy of my gift of life on earth. Make me simply whole and simply Thine… And I won’t budge from trying to make the earth and its inhabitants healthful. And I won’t budge from partnership with those close to this cause, like the devic realm, like the angelic realm, like those of like mind. And even if we don’t succeed in my lifetime, I hope to leave a legacy which others can take up. It is my destiny to work my hands and feet for this cause. There is no other.”
The End

“Mom,” shouts Mandolin.
“Yes, Mandolin.”
“Mom, when I get to the astral realm, I’ll know what God is, right Mom?”
“Son, when you get to the astral realm, I’ll be there first, alright Mandolin?”
“Mom, only if you have your wings, like they say the angels do!”
“Mandolin, I’ll have work boots on.”
Autentica shouts so all can hear: “Shout it out, boys and girls. Mom’s got her work boots on, and I got my boots, too. They are shaped differently, though. How about that for our joke today. We could use a good laugh.” And they did.
The End

“Wind tunnels, for sure!” Mandolin blurts out.
Amidst a quiet afternoon lunch on the floor of the forest, with Mandolin, and with Wyndham over the fence, grazing, Mandolin starts:
“Claris, when you plant with the matrices for the land, wind tunnels are formed. It’s as if the land feels that it needs rectification. Claris, do you know what this means? If we do our parts, another force, seemingly devic but not, do you see Claris? The devic realm didn’t specify wind tunnels – they specified plants in a matrix. Seems to me there’s more force out there than just us and the devic realm. What do you say, Claris?”
“Mandolin, I see what you are getting at. It’s as though the force of the plantings said something to the atmosphere, which made sure to feedback to me about the wind tunnels. Or did I pick it up? Could it be that there is some larger force at play? Some force beyond the devic realm and plants, perhaps?”
“Clarisdeva, the devic realm is far and wide… we know not of this wind tunnel that you are devising. How is it to come to pass that there is more to the earth than plantings? However, we too, feel an unseen force that guides the life cycle of the devic realm with its comings and goings on earth. If we have something to say about it, the way that nature takes the course of action is by many resultant forces. Co-sequentially… The way of the devic realm, human interpretation… and forces beyond the control of either…the earthquakes and the tidal rhythms, they all factor into how we function. If so, then we may all be on a cycle – somewhere is the timekeeper… Somehow is the way forth – to play our roles of playing our parts…”
They seem to have left, only to rise again – “When there are parts to play, and if we play them, the right motive will come to the fore. If we choose not to play them, as we see with the human race/Clarisdeva, this is where you come in because the devic realm has no choice in the matter. What we seek… we do not seek but our motive power is to balance, nothing more. And if we are not paid attention to, we vanish. It is by the tide of interest that we flourish and can work with the human population…… at rest, Claris Deva. You need rest and integration of the matter. Devic realm over and out.”
Claris pondered, her thoughts turned toward the sky. “Well, I’ll be. The sky is so large. How, then, can it get to be so polluted?”…
“Clarisdeva, it is by putting your mind to something that the devic realm can respond with situational balance. When the devic realm… so consciousness is transmitted between us. We see that, through our mutual communication, though not so apparent for the human population as a whole. The devic realm may pick up on apparent imbalances on earth and respond in appropriate fashion. You, Clarisdeva, had told us about the atmosphere, through your research of the matter. It was not us that picked it up, only that we need matrices of plantings. They not only situate themselves for earth and its atmosphere, but you picked up on the need for them. We’re not sure we even factor into the picture. However, we do offer a stabilizing force for recline of the garden areas. Once you leave, if it is in balance, we remain and reorganize ourselves for stability rather than growth. When you attend to your trips to the nursery, you, Clarisdeva, take us with you, only to find yourself making appropriate choices. Perhaps, over time you have trained yourself in your choices. They also resonate with the devic realm. However, they also resonate with the flow of the particular flavor of the community where you live. When the devic realm reports in to you, Clarisdeva, what you deliver is a clear path for communication. What we mean to say is that there is no room for error or likeness to another human with interest other than what you can do for us. Also, since candor is your motive, it is imperative that we work together so that what you develop is a sound resource with us, and so you can help to maintain the balance for the earth. Once your motives are clear and long-standing, the devic realm can have you act as a bellwether, assuming your motives stay the same. Adieu.”
“Claris, where is my scratch?” bellows Blue 2.
“Blue 2, you can have a belly scratch. There ya go.”
And they bust up laughing. Anything to please a pig!
“Well, Athilde, how is that for scratch?”
“I wouldn’t trade my scratch for yours,” said the hen.
The End

Help yourself to the mix and stir of devic constitution. One moment, astir, the next, Aplomb! Listen for the proffer, put forth the effort, and incline yourself for the betterment of all!

“The magnet game?” spouts out Fornay. “Claris, did you hear what they said? They said that if you carry the magnet with you during the day, the earth will take a turn at telling you – no, they said… Claris, how is it supposed to go, because I can’t get a foothold… Wait, wait a second… Claris, I think the devic realm is playing with me! I didn’t know that they did that… Seriously, they seem to be getting me to the point of laughter. I didn’t know they had this sort of antics, did you? Wait a second – you want me to put the oh… Claris, the devic realm reports that, though all is well with the game, it seems that the garden needs a plunger to remedy the sink hole. Sink hole, Claris. It’s an area that, when rectified, will actually conform to the devic realm’s wishes for an old pond area, like when a pond dries up. It needs more fortification and they sugg… their wish is that we put more horse poop there. Claris, would we have horse poop?” After their laughter subsided, “Claris, I don’t get the game. However, I got the remedy… maybe that is the takeaway, do you think so? Anyway, let’s shore this up.”
Once Claris and Fornay size up their preoccupation with the sink hole, they feel that it has been shored up. At least this is what their take is.
“What do you think is the next step, Claris?... See, I don’t wonder if we need to add some more mulch to the area?” Oh, he turns this way and that way. “Claris, did you feel that? I think that was the go ahead.” And it was. And they did. And they keep doing… whatever seems to be the game plan… for the earth… which is in their nature… to participate in… with a grin…

“I don’t get it…”
“How is it for you, then? Maybe it would help if you started from where you are. What’s the first step for you?”
“Well, I do need rest, and I do need to see about the forthrightness of my stance. And then maybe I can deliver a message about how things rest. Do you think that would be the case?”
“I think that’s a fine place to start. When you are rested, the answers will come more easily, perhaps.”
The End

Once upon a time, a little girl lived in a large village. To one side it held many crystals of enormous strength. The townspeople said that they were akin to those used in ancient times, when people knew the power to heal, to create wind tunnels of enormous magnitude such that there was a way forth in terms of even clearing out the atmosphere of debris. When Dorwin thought about the enormity of the atmosphere, she could wonder… and ponder… and dwell upon…
“Dooorwiiin. Can you come out to play…”, stealthfully, and completely at ease with children, indeed, with anyone of the townspeople, Zephyr saw the wrap-around that was happening for Dorwin. She, too, mesmerized by what was accomplished so suddenly and for so many, during a time when the earth and its inhabitants were in trouble.
“Hi Zephyr!” And back to her pondering she went.
Zephyr knew she had to let the child take her while.
Zephyr, herself a part of the responsibility for the way things rested now, chucked at the earth. For now that things were in line to be ever fruitful again, she reflected that it was all about the people, themselves. They came through. They were the ones who sacrificed their own perceptions, misgivings, volatilities, desires, and the like, to take up what was calling to them etherically, dharmically, and, in a way, most appropriately for the good of all.
When the earth’s peril was known, many came together: those who would do well at this sort of thing, and those who wanted to dwell on the problem.
“What is there to do?” they asked. “We feel we’ve done all we can. What else would there be but to perish. Clouds of dust particles, fire, rain unexpectedly, no rain… the list goes on of the surface swipes that the weather had taken its toll on. Whether or not we can do something about it… it’s too big an issue. Even if we band together… it’s too late, I fear…”
The list goes on of what these members took a shape with. Blame here, forecast there. It was all the same – greed had gotten them here. They wouldn’t know how to cycle back.
But Zephyr was here to show the way. She seemed to rally the troops that they, in their own likeness, could conceive of a new destiny for the planet, and its inhabitants, and the way forth was clear, once the people could fathom a different way to think about things.
For example, when they thought about things in a way that bespoke… candor… honesty about one’s life such that it took the falsehood out of existence… and took up themselves in a way that had to do with… first things first, applicable to all, and then follow the thread that will lead to a balanced existence.
Well, not everyone had this in mind. But enough did, such that the tide of all the issues surfaced as most appropriate to deal with – that of global health of the earth. And so, following the thread of first things first… when everyone that could was on the same page, they found that, though they needed to focus on meals for themselves, they could also do it in a way where:
-They would see if, through prayer-like existence, they could take into account the whole,
-They would be as if they were not for themselves, but for the whole,
-They would act on first things first… in a manner to see how things rested when they did so.
Now, once they had the majority of folks that were into this sort of thing manifesting the destiny in a way such that:
1. All of the earth would be showered with the many glowing titles such as were the earth’s good tidings.
2. There were many who saw goodness in the likeness of the crystals.
3. “Be it fruitful,” they said upon hearing of the crystals.
4. The people shouted out: “Zephyr’s the one who will take us into the next generation of peace and harmony.”
“Zephyr, what will happen next for us?” the people said. To their astonishment, Zephyr spoke about the way forth:
“Well and good. And if you don’t mind my saying so, I have a poem for you today, and it goes like this:
Believing In
Bestow upon the world only goodness.
Incline your feats skyward to joy.
When alignment happens,
I’m there.
Do you see where I am going?
It relates to you and to me.
If we were to put our heads together,
I would think I would see…
Many days without end,
Many strong and simple…
In the end, we’re friends.
And that’s what I have for you today!”
When the people heard the poetry, they were gladdened to know of it. And the next time, it went something like this:
“Influence, like a gentle breeze,
Confluence, fair and fetching,
Affluence, such that all is in order.
And that’s what I have for you today.”
“Zephyr, what is the meaning of this one?” asked the smallest child of the village.
“Dorwin, you know the drill!” to which the people started gaily dancing about. For you see, it’s not that Zephyr speaks in riddles; it’s that, when there is something like a small child who asks an adult question, there is certain to be a joke about it!
“Dorwin,” Zephyr cantored, “what happens next?”
“Zephyr, if I had to say it, it’s right on the mark.” And that’s where it was left. For you see:
Time blown into existence
Measured by love
Present, a present
Dorwin was the one who struck up conversations with Zephyr, that were highly amusing, and yet bespoke of a time when there would be peace on earth.
“Not now, Dorwin!” was a commonly heard remark to, “When will I see my take on things all-encompassing, a peaceful existence for me and for you?” And the people took this up and danced and frolicked to the drumbeat, and so it went…
But when there was a moment to reflect, Dorwin took it to the hilt:
When I have music, when I have melody,
When I have happiness, there is you and me,
When I have story, then I have glory,
The song that I sing for you and me….
“Dorwin, that’s the kind of music that is necessary to uptake, such that all is well,” said Zephyr.
“Zephyr, I have a feeling that certain things are in the works, and yet they don’t appear on the earth plane yet. Would you say that is the case?”
“Well, there are some things that won’t be here yet, but that are here, in a way. Is that what you are saying, Dorwin?”
“Sort of, I guess,” and Dorwin wandered off to ponder and cajole the likes of the smallest child in the village, Itat, commonplace and fetching.
Well, they shuffed and they frolicked, but they didn’t have a moment, when…
“Portentia! That’s who we can ask about this.” And they did. And when Portentia spoke, it didn’t really seem like anything occurred, and yet it did.
“How about that,“ said Portentia. “I can see straight, or I can see crooked.”
And so they tried to see crooked, but, as fate would have it, it got straightened out. And so, what would happen, except that we were tumbling out, bumping into, swerving about such that our play was invigorating, sensible, and we wouldn’t miss a beat…
“How about that, Itat?”
“Well, how about this!” and Itat couldn’t get enough of rolling, bumping into his angels, who not only played back to him in their cadence, but sat him down on his rumpapumpa. “Dorwin, this is fun! You try it now.”
“I would, cepta I need to rest now. My head is on, but I wonder about the perfect straightness that begets my take up of flow. How about we do something that is not so curvy? Something like a story-telling session with Zephyr.”
In unison, “Zephyr!... Zephyr! Zephyr there you are. Can we have a story?”
“Yes, children, you can have a story. I’ll fetch one out of the air for you. .. Here’s a good one:
Rotunda:  Everlasting, primordial, harboring compassion for all living things. Staking a claim on how things rest, and then, how things take themselves up. Rejoice, rejoinder, remaking a world of peace, harmonious living, adjudicating nothing, but everything in terms of ‘my place in it all’, one of boundless growth opportunities for one, for all, for the whole. It’s a freight train come to a standstill. It’s a flower garden with color for all. It’s the notion, the nodding forth, of peaceful presentation, representation, emblematic, obligatory, application, amending… It’s a drumbeat. It’s a visceral reaction such that you are one with joy, peace, and that you share it with all creation…”
“Thank you, Zephyr. I’m sure we’ll make sense of it all someday. Is that right, Zephyr?” adjusted Dorwin.
“Dorwin, what makes life possible?” asked Zephyr.
“Zephyr, it’s you and me and all creation.”
“And that’s what I have for you today.”…
…”A measure of goodness, of course,” echoes Dorwin. “That’s what Zephyr said to me today, in passing.”
“Does it mean something, Dorwin? How does that apply to what we are doing at the moment? Are we in sync with that?” pauses Itat.
“Well, if we look at the whole picture, I would say it… I dunno.” And they both bust up laughing.
One day Zephyr said, “If there were fruits to be had, what would they be?” to which the villagers had to prance about a bit amongst themselves to even begin to bear them:
“I may be off the mark, but I extol my friendship.”
“I may be off the mark, but I have nothing to myself, truly, in reality.”
“I may be off the mark, but have a treat for all, and that is kindness.”
“I may be off the mark, but I believe I see how things rest with the devic realm, and that is something I will take up and monitor, and see if I can be of service.”
“I know something, in my heart, and that is that there is something brewing among us that needs to be told. When I take my hand to help another, then they can take their hand to help someone, too.”
“I know something, in my heart, and that is that, when there is a group of hand-helpers, that they can only grow in number. Maybe that is how things get restful on earth.”
“When I think about how things rest, I opportunize my conscious arousal around what I am to take out as the next step. It’s really working for me, and, I would think, for others.”
“Well, everyone, as varied as the experiences, it seems it is tide-turning. Have you noticed the vibrancy around us?”
Well, they had to say it – they did, and someone spoke: “I thought something was happening to the good. Hmmm, I think I will continue on the same track that I have virtually stumbled upon: that, when there is something to take up, it is for all. I place my energy there and get the job done, and it benefits all.”
“I feel as though, because of all of our efforts, we can move forth in a way that is more enlivening for all, and at the same time, more fruitful for the earth as a whole. Let’s take up rest and see what there is to do!” And they all got a good chuckle out of that.
Now, Zephyr, being Zephyr, had a tale to tell, that did not have to do with anything other than fruits. And it went something like this:
“Do you see the monuments? The ones made of crystals? They are pointing ever skyward, ever homeward, and ever peace-ward. Do you know that to be the case? You try it. When you try to fashion them any other direction, would they operate in the same way?” There was a general movement from the crowd, but no one denied that, should the crystals be moved, they would cease to have the same power to provoke balance, and may even be ineffectual in finding balance to create peace.
“When the crystals were placed, they harmonized with the environment. It wasn’t I who decided how to place them. It wasn’t the crystals. However, when placed, they ‘spoke’ of never-ending harmony. That’s the way we can all live our lives, through paying attention to what is inclining for the environment, for it is something far greater than we can imagine with our small frames. It is that which is in the ether as a gift for all of us. It is the reason we are here. We have it within – the momentum, the verve – and when we take ourselves up to the task, and with confidence and heart, we can make the way forth harmonious for all. We’ve done a great gift for all. May it continue with great strides. We’re all in this together, and may we all be fruitful in a way that bespeaks ‘forever’. And that’s what I wish for us all today.”
The End

“So, Claris”, spoke up Majesty, her bird extraordinaire, “what makes life worth living?”
Claris put her nose up to Majesty, who pecked at it playfully: “If I have you and you have me,” she sang to her bird, “then that’s the way it ought to be. With you to help me, and me to help you, and, together… Fornay, it’s you.”
“…we make a family, that goes wider than all, to include the farthest one, then that is the way we live, with the sunny sun. You help me, and we help they, and we see all as part of the whole, hoo-ray. We live together, taking care of the whole, and that’s what we do, forever and a day….”
The End